Services- Based Enterprise Customer Processes Delivered with DWL Customer™ Version 4.0

Improved Integration and customer data management capabilities support Services-oriented architectures for CDI

DCI CRM Conference and EXPO – Boston, MA – June 18, 2003 – DWL, the leader in Enterprise Business Services software, today announced the release of DWL Customer version 4.0. DWL Customer serves as the enterprise’s system of record for all customer-related information and transactions. Today�s announcement builds on the success of DWL Customer as a leading services-based Customer Data Integration (CDI) solution, by allowing organizations to better leverage �organizational� customer data that sits across lines of business, parents and subsidiaries and within multiple channels. Version 4.0 features more flexible customer data management functionality allowing organizations to get the right customer data to the appropriate users.

According to Aaron Zornes, senior vice president at META Group, market-leading enterprises must be able to react intelligently and instantly to changing customer information via real-time customer data integration (CDI) in the next 12-18 months. CDI is quickly becoming a strategic technology in enterprise CRM projects.

DWL Customer 4.0 has been updated with increased integration and messaging capabilities. DWL Customer supports multiple means of accessing its enterprise business services functionality, including batch, real-time XML, MQ, and an object interface. DWL customer�s batch interface manages batch processing jobs and the parsing component maps data formats (fixed and variable formats, flat files, relational databases, etc�) to DWL Customer�s data standard. DWL Customer�s MQ adapter listens to MQ queues for customer transactions, and sends those transactions into the DWL Customer transaction

Version 4.0 also contains functionality to support institutional/corporate lines of business. Additional business processes, such as adding multiple financial services agreements (including sub-agreements for corporate and subsidiary parties), and maintaining line-of-business indicators for the party record, make DWL Customer the leading Customer Data Integration solution for corporate/institutional businesses. The latest release has
improved search functionality and services that make search capabilities
more flexible and allow organizations to better define data access rules.
“Organizations have a lot of customer service, marketing and sales
functionality that support multiple channels and lines of business. We are still not seeing adequate integration efforts to synchronize customer data generated by that functionality so that customer interactions are appropriate and customized. DWL Customer addresses advanced integration capabilities that allow multiple systems to communicate and integrate customer processes,� said Bruce McPherson, vice president, strategy and product management, DWL.

About DWL Customer™

DWL Customer™, an enterprise customer hub for real time customer management, is an enterprise customer hub that unifies customer data and transactions from product silos and delivers this knowledge to all channels. It is based on a ‘services-oriented architecture’ and built on J2EE standards, making it the most scalable and market-proven application for customer management. Additionally, DWL Customer can allow organizations to derive additional ROI from current CRM implementations and even failed CRM projects that lacked sufficient customer data management foundations or a customer hub during the time of implementation.

In recent benchmarking, 8000 concurrent users sent XML transactions to the DWL Customer database containing 100 million customer records and produced sub-second transaction responses, which makes DWL the most robust and scaleable solution of its kind. Unlike offspring solutions of leading front and back office application vendors, DWL Customer is a vendor-neutral solution designed to meet demanding performance environments.

Pricing and Availability

DWL Customer is currently available. Pricing varies according to the number of customers and product configuration.

About DWL Inc.

DWL is the leader in Enterprise Business Services software. DWL applications elevate customer, account and product functions from front and back office silos to an enterprise-wide service layer. This enables companies to unify, view and update customer information across all business lines and systems in real time and give their consumers, partners, suppliers and employees a single view of the enterprise. The result is consistent and real time delivery of products and services, strengthened relationships with key business audiences and increased return on companies� back office, front office and CRM systems.

Founded in 1996, DWL is headquartered in Atlanta and has offices in New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, S�o Paulo and Tokyo. DWL clients include MetLife, Citi Cards, Atlantic Blue Cross Care, Empire Financial, CGU, and Royal & SunAlliance, among others. DWL has strategic relationships with BEA Systems, IBM and Sun Microsystems. Key system integrator alliances include Accenture and IBM Global Services. DWL is a registered trademark of DWL Inc.