A few tips from IBC – You’re moving? Have you thought of everything?

MONTREAL, June 17, 2003 – You’ve carefully planned your move, from the choice of mover to how you’re going to decorate your new home. But have you thought about your insurance? This question is particularly relevant in that the Insurance Bureau of Canada has recently enhanced the Quebec Personal Property Forms with certain coverages related to moving. Therefore, we are providing you with a few tips that will enable you to reach your new destination with peace of mind.

Advise your insurer

IBC stresses that it is essential to contact your insurer or broker immediately in order to provide them with information concerning your move (date, new address, details about the new dwelling, etc.). Also, take this opportunity to make a complete review of your policy in order to ensure that it meets your needs.

Make sure you’re well insured!

  • Leaving your modest apartment to move into your first house? This change may require you to insure your new home and increase the amount of coverage on your personal property. You’re moving in with your boyfriend/girlfriend or one or more roommates? Don’t forget to have their names added to your insurance policy so that they’ll be covered.
  • Your move is spread out over several days? No need to worry for, and this is a new feature, most policies cover your property in transit, provided that your residential insurance policy is still in force. Moreover, insurers allow 30 days for you to complete your move. Check to see whether your insurance policy covers both your old and new residences.
  • If you use a moving company, you should be aware that it will be the company’s insurance policy that will respond first if there is any loss or damage to your property. Therefore, it is essential to check whether your mover has all the required insurance coverage.
  • You’re the one who’s moving yourself? Be sure that the truck you have borrowed or rented is adequately insured. By adding Q.E.F. No. 27 to your insurance policy to cover the truck, you will be protected against any damage that you may cause to a vehicle that you don’t own.
  • If you plan to store some possessions in a warehouse, please note that your residential insurance policy does not cover property in storage against theft. It is therefore important to check whether the warehouse owner has adequate insurance to protect you in the event of theft.

Take the opportunity to do an inventory!

Take the opportunity the move provides to do an inventory of your possessions. By completing the inventory form provided, free of charge, by IBC, you will be able to determine the quantity and value of your possessions and, at the same time, see whether you are adequately insured.

Any questions on insurance?

To order your Property Inventory Form or if you have any questions, feel free to contact an Insurance Information Centre officer at (514) 288-6015 (Montreal area) or 1 800 361-5131 (toll-free elsewhere in Quebec). You can also download the form at www.trousseassurance.ca.