Generation5’s Fresh New Look: Web Site, Branding System, Logo and Packaging

[Toronto, Canada] Generation5 today unveiled a new corporate identity. Almost a year in the making, the new logo, web site (, corporate collateral and sales material is aimed at demystifying Generation5 as a business entity, and clearly defining its product and service offerings.

“Generation5 has enjoyed substantial growth over the last five years, and to maintain our momentum, we decided to treat ourselves to a corporate make-over,” says Dr. Milorad Krneta, President and CEO, Generation5. “We are a young and vibrant organization, and we want our corporate persona to reflect our fresh approach to resolving customer-focused business challenges”.

Generation5 was founded in 1996. At that time, the company was breaking new ground in the consumer marketing arena with 6-digit postal code level demographic and expenditure estimates and data mining services. Today, Generation5 provides packaged software products, a range of analytical services, stand-alone consumer marketing data for Canada and the United States (postal code and Zipcode+4 level, respectively), and strategic consulting services to its clientele.
“We have evolved dramatically as an organization. In 2002 we started practicing what we preached and engaged in an effort to get a better handle on how we were perceived in the marketplace, says Chris Wood, Marketing & Communications Manager, Generation5. “We started with internal and external interviews, and compared the adjectives. The knowledge we gained was invaluable, and helped us tweak our image and bring improved clarity about Generation5 to the market”.

The 12-month program involved internal and external partners, and covered everything from the development of a messaging matrix, a brand personality, new logo, stationary, integrated branding system, product packaging, sales material (21 brochures) and web site. The content was a collective affair, and helped to direct the design team in their efforts to visually represent what made Generation5 unique.

“We pride ourselves on the fact that we are a bleeding-edge organization, and our challenge has always been keeping the market informed of the advancements we are making,” says Neil Balbirnie, Director of Analytical CRM, Generation5. “Our new communication strategy will present our company in the same way we do our solutions: simple, efficient, and certain”.

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