Acordial announces the immediate launch of ACUO in North America

With increased business complexity, the capture of data for business transactions has also become more complex; beyond simple paper forms to compound sets of inter-related data, subject to complicated business rules and workflow. Providing this capability on multiple versions of paper, desktop, web and point-of-sale devices has been an IT management and budget nightmare, until now. Acordial introduces ACUO to North America. ACUO is a software development suite of products that enables you to completely reengineer and consolidate stand-alone transaction capture processes.

Acordial announces the immediate launch of ACUO in North America. ACUO is a software development suite of products that enables you to completely reengineer and consolidate stand-alone transaction capture processes. Acordial is seeking companies and business partners who can benefit from ACUO’s advanced capabilities.

ACUO quickly automates the most complex workflow processes, forms and business rules for reusability within multiple online and offline interactive applications. And each reuse may even have its own distinct look and feel without major reprogramming effort, moving transaction capture up the value chain while maintaining the individual branding preferences of intermediaries, business partners, and customers. And remotely captured transaction data can be transferred automatically, directly into a company’s new business, CRM, or back office systems.

Organizations that currently require the same transaction data to be re-keyed multiple times on different forms and systems to create and approve a transaction should consider implementing ACUO today. ACUO is a complete software solution that has been specifically designed to streamline and rapidly develop transaction capture routines that can be deployed across multiple points of customer interaction. And ACUO supports the entire sales, service, and administration process, often in a single integrated application.

ACUO leverages the unique advanced capabilities of our STAX technology framework. STAX (Software Transaction Assembly in XML) has evolved from our original ISML forms technology tools that are being successfully used to create standards-based financial services transactions in the United Kingdom.

What is STAX? It is a technological framework used to generate self-contained XML files that contain the entire programming logic for one or more of your individual data-capture transactions or forms. Using STAX capabilities, ACUO provides exceptional flexibility in how developers can easily define and adapt:

|Look, feel, and interaction|
|Validation and user help|


|Pre-population of data|

Developed to meet the specific needs of business with distributed transaction capture requirements, ACUO provides a flexible range of products:

  • |Enable| – a data capture engine, suitable for desktop, notebook, and tablet PC users who require the capability to complete data transactions with a high degree of accuracy at the point of sale.
  • |Professional| – combines the data capture capability of Enable with additional customer management features and the ability to automatically transfer data directly to new business, CRM, or back office systems over the Internet.
  • |Web| – deliver the same data capture transactions online, to anyone anywhere with a web browser. It provides a secure, responsive and scalable solution, supported by customer management features and the ability to transfer data automatically into your back office systems.

The flexibility of Enable, Professional and Web gives the ability to use one solution to deliver transactions across all locations and points of sale/service. This reduces system development and support costs and simplifies distributed business operations.

|Delivering custom solutions|

Acordial is a specialist provider of value chain automation solutions to all industries, most particularly to the Financial Services sector. The Acordial team comprises project managers, business analysts, and technical architects with extensive experience in delivering front and back office systems. They are experts in STAX technology and provide STAX development services to a range of market leading Financial Services companies.

By understanding each organization’s requirements and using specialized expertise, Acordial can quickly develop and deliver fully tested business solutions. Through the experience gained from delivering e-commerce solutions, the Acordial team appreciates the challenges that systems integration can bring. With knowledge of these complex environments and the ACUO range of products, Acordial works with customers to identify and deliver the most appropriate solution for their own business needs.

|About Acordial|

Acordial delivers strategic management consulting (eStrategy) and enabling automation (ePower) to help transition (Evolve) industry value chains to effectively compete within the emerging customer-driven reality of one-to-one marketing.

Acordial’s business strategies and software are designed to profitably attract and retain both customers and value chain collaborative relationships. Acordial’s team is a unique blend of people combining extensive real business experience within the industry constituencies they serve plus proven experience delivering enabling application software and technologies for collaborative marketing and customer care.