AIM 2003 – Emerging Trends: IBC

AIMing for knowledge at the executive level of business � the Insurance Bureau of Canada is hosting its 6th annual Automotive Insurers and Manufacturers (AIM) Forum.

AIM 2003 will feature speakers and panel discussions that will stimulate thoughtful discussion and action among leaders in the automobile insurance and manufacturing industries. The theme of AIM 2003 is Emerging Trends.

This one-day event � Wednesday, May 14th � provides key players in the insurance and automotive worlds with the opportunity to share valuable information and ideas on issues of common concern. AIM 2003 will take place in Toronto at the Metro Convention Centre, 25 Front Street West (Constitution Hall, Room 105, North Building).

Topics to be addressed include:

Emerging Trends in Managing Risk.

In a highly regulated and competitive environment, companies need to understand how to manage risk and its impact on profitability. This session will examine relevant issues in the business environment, including trends and statistics in the automobile insurance and manufacturing sectors.

Trends in Vehicle Technology.

During a century of progress that has transformed the world, the automobile has grown into a highly refined and complex system. The success of insurers depends upon understanding what they insure and anticipating future technological developments in the automotive industry. This session will explore the dominant issues in automotive technology from the perspective of experts in collision repair, vehicle manufacturing and auto insurance.

Vehicle Safety – An Overview of Issues and Future Directions.

Since the first recorded fatality in an automobile collision in 1899, major efforts have been made toward reducing collisions and their consequences. This session will focus on the need for further progress in insurance industry initiatives, regulatory efforts, and proactive vehicle features.

Consumer Perception and Industry Image.

Perception, rather than fact, often colours the decisions consumers make when buying products and services. In today’s over-saturated media environment, it is immensely challenging to reach target audiences and influence their buying decisions. This session will present insights on “spreading the word” for the benefit of insurers� “Collision Repair – Insurance -Vehicle Manufacturing ” triad.

Developments and Future Trends in Insurance Crime.

The insurance industry operates on mutual trust between insurer and client. When insurers cannot trust their clients, the system breaks down. This session will examine some of the challenges in facing and minimizing the impacts of this broken trust.

For Forum details, view the flyer (ADOBE pdf at 144k)