Canada’s Top P&C Company Web Sites to be Ranked in Upcoming Study: Uber Analyze

March 13, 2003, Toronto – �ber Analyze is about to unveil a study that ranks the top 50 Canadian P&C Insurance web sites.

The ranking, part of a comprehensive study of the Canadian insurance industry’s online presence, is the first of its kind in Canada. It will use qualitative and quantitative research to determine what features of a web site are desirable and then rate an insurance company’s ability to deliver those features.

Insurance executives will be able to use the information to make sound business decisions regarding their company’s web strategy and expenditures. This is especially important in an area where it is too easy to spend tremendous amounts of money without knowing the potential for return.

“It’s really the first study of its kind in Canada.” �ber Analyze president Chris MacKechnie stated. “We are asking consumers, brokers, web experts and insurance executives their opinions on what are the most important aspects of an insurance company’s public site, and then we are judging how individual companies deliver on these items. Too often, the industry makes decisions in a vacuum, we wanted to be able to examine the big picture from a user’s standpoint.”

The study uses a thorough methodology, overseen by Alexandra J. Campbell from Schulich School of Business at York University, which started with a series of focus groups to gain insight into different users attitudes and preferences. This information was then utilized to develop telephone surveys targeting consumers and insurance brokers. These quantitative results were then used to develop a scorecard and weighting system by which the top 50 sites will be judged.

Mackechnie feels that the methodology is solid. “We aren’t measuring what sites look good, or which ones have the sexiest graphics. We are specifically examining how well the site responds to the needs that users have indicated are important to them.”

The �ber Analyze report is being unveiled at a free presentation at the TSX Conference Centre, In Toronto, Ontario, on April 2 at 8:00 am. Anyone interested in the results are invited to attend and can register online at Copies of the complete report will also be available for sale at the event or can also be purchased by emailing �ber Analyze at [email protected].

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