Three Carriers Select Blue Frog’s ADMServer PPFA Administrator: Metlife, Pacific Life and Manulife

Pompano Beach, Fla., March 12, 2003 — Adding to its growing roster of customer deployments, Blue Frog Solutions, an innovative technology solutions provider, today announced that three leading carriers have selected ADMServer Product Profile For Annuity (PPFA) administrator tool to manage annuity product information.

“We are pleased to work with some of the industry’s leading carriers to help streamline the communications and data transfer processes for annuity products,” said Blue Frog CEO Brad Levine. “Clients like MetLife, Pacific Life and Manulife Financial add momentum to a technology tool that is changing the way companies handle annuity order processing.”

MetLife, Pacific Life, and Manulife will use the tool to load and maintain product information into a database. The database will then produce an XML business message termed a Product Profile by NAVA and ACORD and distribute the product information in the ACORD Product Profile for Annuities XML Format. PPFA Administrator is a module of the full ADMServer suite, a true ACORD based middleware system, designed specifically to handle all of the interaction and data communication needs of life and annuity clients.

The PPFA Administrator distribution and communication capability allows carriers to easily configure ADMServer to manage and automate communications and data transfers to distributors directly and via the DTCC Product Repository. These profiles are used to define the complex annuity products for annuity sales systems used by the brokers and distributors. Blue Frog provides preferred support for AnnuityNet and Info One annuity order entry systems, as well as support for Raymond James PCA format.

Brad Levine stated, “This new process developed by ACORD in conjunction with NAVA and the industry community ensures accuracy of product information, streamlines the sales process and significantly reduces errors. This is the first in many steps to making annuities easier to sell and manage and we are proud to be a part of this ongoing process”

About Blue Frog Solutions

Blue Frog Solutions is a leading provider of ACORD middleware software solutions for data transfer, messaging, and transaction processing between life insurance carriers/underwriters and distributors/agents. The ADMServer Suite supports the entire XMLife model. Blue Frog is headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida and was selected as a 2002 “Tech Company of the Year” by the South Florida Business Journal. For additional information about Blue Frog Solutions, visit its web site at