InSystems Launches Correspondence Application

Web-based solution improves efficiency & effectiveness of the ‘ad hoc’ correspondence process

LOMA Systems Forum, San Antonio Texas, March 4, 2003 – InSystems, the leading provider of e-business solutions to financial services organizations announces the availability of InSystems Correspondence, a web-based correspondence management solution that automates and accelerates the creation and management of personalized correspondence, and supports its distribution through multiple channels including print & mail, fax and email.

InSystems Correspondence is the only solution that provides deep correspondence functionality, a web-based architecture with proven performance, faster time to results and higher ROI.

“The ability to rapidly generate professional, personalized correspondence is playing an increasingly important role in building loyalty, managing customer relationships, and cross-selling and up-selling,” says Andrew Warzecha, Senior Vice President and Service Director, Electronic Business Strategies, Meta Group.

By deploying InSystems Correspondence, organizations can:

  • Increase productivity by automating, accelerating and streamlining the correspondence process for customer service representatives, managers and system administrators; and, by reducing the volume of inquiries and escalations resulting from poor correspondence.
  • Reduce operating costs by decreasing print and mail costs, call center volume, document rework and manual intervention; and, by reducing the training required to successfully produce correspondence.
  • Improve customer and channel satisfaction by quickly delivering branded, consistent, accurate and professional correspondence, via customer preferred channels (print & mail, fax and email).

InSystems Correspondence automates ‘ad hoc’ correspondence including personalized letters or letter packages. Each department or workgroup either selects an appropriate pre-defined letter, builds a letter using approved content (letters, paragraphs, graphics, and attachments), or creates a free-form letter online “from scratch” using InSystems Correspondence and Microsoft Word®.

InSystems Correspondence retrieves customer and other data from business applications, including policy administration, claims management and CRM systems. Following an optional review process, letters are sent to local, distributed, or centralized high-speed printers, or can be sent by fax and email, depending on the recipient’s preferences. Through integration with InSystems Calligo, generated correspondence can be stored in a web-based document management system for retrieval by authorized users and improved security. Architected for the enterprise based on InSystems eXterity’s scaleable J2EE-based architecture, InSystems Correspondence can be deployed quickly and easily within a business unit or at an enterprise-level.

“Over the past twenty years it has become common for companies to rely heavily on word processing applications for correspondence. However, this has resulted in problems associated with administration and functionality. These problems have resulted in massive inefficiencies for both IT staff and end users, driving up operating costs,” says Andrew Jackson, InSystems Chief
Marketing Officer and General Manager, Software Solutions. “With InSystems Correspondence, we have augmented the familiarity and functionality of Microsoft Word® by surrounding it with
features necessary to create, manage and distribute business correspondence more efficiently and effectively.”

About InSystems

InSystems is the premier provider of insurance portal software and a leading provider of document automation solutions. Only by using InSystems e-business software can financial services organizations deliver web-based personalized sales, fulfillment, and service capabilities across all of their relationships, boosting efficiency, decreasing costs, improving service and increasing revenues. Founded in 1989 and based in Toronto, Canada, InSystems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Standard Register, has more than 350 insurance customers in 24 countries, including over 50 of the largest insurance groups in North America and over 55,000 life insurance agents and agencies.