Generation 5 Releases MOSAIC 2003

Segmentation System

March 4, 2003, Toronto — Generation 5 today announced the availability of the latest version of its marquee segmentation product, MOSAIC. The MOSAIC 2003 Segmentation System is built on current year demographic, expenditure, behavioral and survey data, and helps businesses maximize the results of their marketing campaigns.

“MOSAIC 2003 ensures that marketers and analysts can easily leverage relevant market data to reach their target audiences,” said Neil Balbirnie, Director of Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods at Generation 5. “Businesses taking advantage of MOSAIC 2003 will be able to acquire a clear picture of a consumer market segment as a result of current-year demographic, lifestyle and expenditure data. The ability to access current-year, postal code level segments is a target marketer’s dream.”

Using proprietary analytical techniques, MOSAIC 2003 combines current National and regional data, from numerous sources, and assigns a Group and Type to each of Canada’s more than 660,000 postal codes. MOSAIC 2003 users get a complete, current-year picture of the demographic, expenditure and behavioural characteristics of specific segments of the Canadian population, and there is added value in MOSAIC 2003’s comprehensiveness and geographic refinement.

“We’ve been using Insurance Mosaic to improve our communications to current and potential customers for about a year now”, said Suzanne Salvatori, Business Analytics Manager, CGU Group Canada Ltd. “This additional information is really helping us target the right markets”.

Generation 5’s MOSAIC 2003 is available in four different versions: Insurance; Retail; Financial, and National. Each segmentation system is created using a combination of cluster and structural analysis, and is comprised of specific demographic, expenditure, and lifestyle variables that accurately reflect the type of consumer that is predominant in a given postal code.

In addition, Generation 5’s MOSIAC 2003 Segmentation System is available as a stand-alone file, or as part of the G5 Portfolio micro marketing system. Through strategic partnerships with the Print Measurement Bureau (PMB) and The Newspaper Audience Databank (NADbank), MOSAIC 2003 clusters are now available to licensees of these respective surveys.

About Generation5

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Generation 5 is a privately held Canadian company specializing in the development and implementation of data mining and analytical CRM solutions. Generation 5 uses science and math to transform market data into accurate detailed customer insights that generate unprecedented response rates, reduce the cost of doing business and produce a measurable marketing ROI.

These solutions are ideal for companies seeking to build, maintain and protect their competitive advantage in consumer marketing. Generation 5 software, analytics and databases are developed in its Research and Development Laboratory by a team of advanced data modeling experts, statisticians, mathematical scientists and software engineers.

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