The 2002 Fall Semester Marks Release A New Milestone for The Insurance Institute of Canada

The Insurance Institute of Canada has reached another milestone in customer service. The Institute is making available the marks to the Fall Session 2002 (which ended on December 6th 2002) on Saturday January 11th, 2003, or five weeks after exam week. The marks are made available via The Institute�s website at, by IVR and by mail. The results have been staggered in the mail, as of January 13, 2003.

This sets a new standard for releasing student grades, an improvement over our previous 6-week standard. Only a few years ago, students would have to wait 12 weeks to receive their marks.

How big an achievement is this? Over 7,200 exams were marked in those 5 weeks, in addition to the collection of the other marks from assignments, midterms and quizzes that were assigned throughout the semester. In addition, just as the CIP and FCIP designations are recognized around the world, Insurance Institute students have written this semester�s set of exams in Canada and the United States, as well as in countries located in the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and South America.

This success would not be possible, but for the wonderful team effort from The Institute markers, instructors, customer service staff and other volunteers, who help with the administration of The Institute curriculum and courses. Neil Toffick, MEd, BA, Registrar and Director, Examinations sums the achievement: “We are pleased to provide this value added service to our students and are pleased at achieving this newmilestone.”