Kingsway is up and Rolling

January 18, 2003

Kingsway General has now handled over five hundred claims using Castek’s ClaimsPath eCommunication Platform.

“ClaimsPath is the E-solution to vendor management. As part of Kingsway’s growing initiatives and quest for service excellence, we have adopted the ClaimsPath technology to create an environment that encourages effective communication, efficient claim controls, and a heightened degree of service” states Matthew Turack, Kingsway’s Special Projects Supervisor.

The Kingsway implementation of ClaimsPath went very smoothly, with noticeably increased levels of vendor acceptance and existing adjuster Internet skills. As a result, the ramp up time was very minimal and, after participating in a Castek training session, the adjusters began using the system and were able to immediately recognize the benefits of communicating online with ClaimsPath.

Every day vendors in the insurance community are required to learn and adapt to increased levels of technology which forces them to keep ahead of the curve or lose market-share. For example, three years ago, one of the main challenges of implementing ClaimsPath was making sure the vendors had access to an adequate Internet connection and knew how to use it. Now, in the most recent Kingsway implementation, “we didn’t run into a single vendor on Kingsway’s list that didn’t have a solid Internet connection and all were comfortable logging on,” comments Sean Cassidy, Castek’s ClaimsPath Implementation Manager. In fact, today, many of the large high volume insurance vendors, such as CARSTAR Canada, keep in excess of twenty different binders outlining each insurance company’s preferred claims handling processes. These vendors are now looking at tools like ClaimsPath as the next step in streamlining their many diverse processes into one common platform which will ultimately allow them to provide more efficient service.

“It is a common misconception that body shops are behind the times when it comes to computer technology, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. All CARSTAR locations are equipped with Internet connections, in most cases high speed, and the vast majority of our day to day business is now conducted electronically. ClaimsPath is an ideal way for our locations to communicate with adjusters because it provides us with an accurate, always available, claim file and eliminates traditional communication barriers inherent in voicemail, faxes, and email. Our stores report that Claimspath does save time, eliminate errors, and improve customer service,” says Terie Brown, CARSTAR Canada’s National Insurance Relations Manager.

Along with the vendors, the Kingsway adjusters quickly became skilled at using ClaimsPath to manage their claim communications, “if you can bank, read news, or shop online, you already have the basic knowledge required to use ClaimsPath,” states Cassidy. In fact, from extensive experience gained through working with insurance adjusters and vendors, Castek has discovered that, contrary to popular belief, the technology is not the real issue when implementing ClaimsPath. This technology has been around for quite some time now and is refined to the point that it rivals the telephone for dependability. The real issue is effectively managing the cultural change required within an organization and, more specifically, the changes adjusters and vendors have to make to start handling their claims on line. These are the real issues, and the key to a successful implementation is a targeted training program which clearly demonstrates how the ClaimsPath system can help the adjuster do their job better and make a difference for both themselves and their policy holders. Kingsway General adjuster Debbie Jones has this observation, “ClaimsPath is a great communications tool for the insurance industry. It allows the adjuster to completely summarize the communications within a claim and allows the possibility to view this efile from both inside and outside of the office environment. This system decreases the time required to handle claims.”

In addition, the learning curve is further kept to a minimum by Castek’s focus on customer comments and suggestions which help fuel the site’s quarterly updates. With thousands of claims handled, Kingsway did not start with a new software product, but rather, a production system that is used to handle claims everyday.

“ClaimsPath is the Insurance industries vendor communication system of the future. It allows for multiple parties to view an electronic file and accurately tracks the efficient communications within this e-file. ClaimsPath will revolutionize the Insurance industry by increasing the productivity of the supply chain while ensuring substantial savings for all parties involved including the insurance consumer,” comments Manny Dhillon, Kingsway’s Special Projects Developer.

Now that the 60 day implementation phase is over, Kingsway is expanding the use of ClaimsPath within its organization and finding other areas where they can benefit and save money using ClaimsPath.

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