OARBIC announces the successful, on time, on budget completion of the HUON implementation project for Ascentus Insurance Ltd.

Toronto, 15 January 2003 – OARBIC is delighted to announce the successful, on time, on budget completion of the HUON project for Ascentus Insurance Ltd. In November 2000, OARBIC was awarded the project to expedite the move of Ascentus business onto The HUON Solution. Major factors in the award were OARBIC’s depth of knowledge of the HUON systems and the financial competitiveness of their bid.

Ascentus Insurance�, a new federally licensed property & casualty insurance company, is now able to utilize the HUON Solution as its policy management system. Ascentus is an affiliate of Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada (Royal & SunAlliance). OARBIC was able to help Ascentus capitalize on the efforts already undertaken by Royal & SunAlliance in producing its existing production ready system.

“Our experience with OARBIC was very good.” said Pat Murphy, Director of Business Services Division for Royal & Sun Alliance. “They delivered exactly what we requested, notwithstanding the additional challenges posed by the need to closely co-ordinate activities with three other R&SA teams. They were co-operative, professional and committed.”

“The HUON project was one of our strategic objectives for 2001 and 2002. A timely and cost-effective project was necessary to ensure the smooth launch of Ascentus,” said Kent Cochrane, Director of Business Development for Ascentus Insurance. “OARBIC provided a very talented and dedicated group of individuals who worked together with Ascentus and Royal & SunAlliance staff to help us accomplish our goals.”

OARBIC’s project mandate was:

  • To create a new sub company within the existing Royal & SunAlliance HUON system to cater for Ascentus Insurance� and where possible leveraging the existing R&SA development on the HUON system to expedite delivery.
  • The major requirement of the client was for substantial progress to occur within a 12-month timeframe, this was considered to be the implementation of auto and property personal lines business in Ontario.

The OARBIC team worked to plan and delivered as promised and the project was implemented to production in August of 2001, 9 months after the project kickoff.

Anthony Kumnick, President of OARBIC said the completion of the project is “a credit not only to OARBIC’s own consultants, who pulled out all stops to ensure success of the project, but also to the great support we received from the Ascentus Insurance and Royal & SunAlliance teams. This success was a real team effort.”

Additional project extensions ensured that at the end of OARBIC’s mandate in December 2002, the team implemented all licensed provinces plus additional client requirements including additional products enhanced EDI, additional tailored financial requirements and French declarations.

The OARBIC team consisted of consultants capable of covering all aspects of the business and technical requirements of the Ascentus implementation.

Critical to the success of the project was:

  • Accurate time estimating for project planning
  • Rigorous Project Management
  • Improved priority planning
  • Complete, in-depth knowledge coverage of all areas of the technical and business requirements
  • Early identification of problem areas

About Ascentus Insurance Ltd

Ascentus Insurance Ltd. is a Property and Casualty insurance company that provides personal home & automobile insurance products, as well as an extensive line of specialty products, to customers across Canada. The company is a member of the worldwide Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Group plc. For information, visit www.ascentusinsurance.ca

About Royal & SunAlliance Canada

Royal & SunAlliance Canada is part of the Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Group plc. Dating back to 1710, the Group provides a comprehensive range of insurance and financial services to customers worldwide. The Royal & SunAlliance Canada group employs 3,000 people and works with 1,600 independent brokerages from coast to coast. Globally, Royal & SunAlliance employs over 50,000 people and conducts business in 130 countries. For information, visit www.royalsunalliance.ca or contact Pat Murphy at (416) 366-7600.

About OARBIC Inc

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