Consumer’s Guide – Building Brokers Books of Business

Consumers are having a hard time finding the brokers with the right markets to insure them, while brokers are wasting their valuable time dealing with an overwhelming number of shoppers. “Brokers are spending too much time talking on the phone and not enough time writing policies,” says Lee Romanov, President of The Consumer’s Guide to Insurance, which provides a pre-qualified, unique referral system for brokers.

Consumers obtain quotes for auto, home, and life insurance from and are directed to the brokers offering the lowest rates for them. If your brokerage represents the lowest company, the information is forwarded to you and a referral fee is applied.

Referrals can also be downloaded into Compu-Quote’s rating services to be processed immediately, and also integrates with TAM and Signassure for quick and painless applications.

By using The Consumer’s Guide to Insurance referral system, brokers are able to save time by focusing on consumers who are ready to buy insurance. The consumer has already received a rate they are interested in and they are ready to be written. Brokers simply verify the information and write the policy. “Cold calls take up your CSR’s time without guaranteeing the consumer will want the rate provided,” says Romanov.

The Consumer’s Guide to Insurance has been offering auto insurance referrals in Ontario for over 100 brokerages since 1995. Romanov has expanded this highly-successful program nationally, including home and life insurance as well. Brokers using the referral system are writing new business at a minimal cost. To break even, a broker must write 1 in 35 referrals where it represents the lowest company. Most brokerages are closing 5 to 7 pieces of business per day, with a return on investment over 285%. The results of the program leave brokers confident they will be generating policies, not wasting their day on the phone.

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