Transamerica Life Canada provides access to the world’s best health care when quality and timing are critical

Unprecedented insurance product provides access to money, information and treatment to ensure best medical care for critical illnesses

TORONTO, Nov. 5, 2002 – Transamerica Life Canada announced today the launch of the first global medical care insurance with no deductibles and unrestricted access to treatment options for a critical illness outside of Canada. Through a partnership with Best Doctors, Inc., a leader in connecting people to the best medical care, Canadians can now enjoy access to medical advice, medical specialists and choice in treatment options from around the globe.

Setting CriticalADVANTAGE(TM) apart from other health plans is up to CDN $1 million in medical treatment expense coverage (out-of-country), as well as up to CDN $10,000 in travel allowance. If the client chooses treatment in Canada, they will receive a single payment of CDN $25,000 to cover non-medical costs associated with their illness, which they can spend completely at their discretion. This unprecedented coverage empowers patients to follow their desired path to healthcare, wherever it may take them at home or abroad.

“The management of a critical illness is a highly stressful and difficult time for patients and their families,” said Pierre Vincent, Vice-President, Life Products Marketing, Transamerica Life Canada. “CriticalADVANTAGE will relieve Canadians from the fear that money and availability or accessibility of expertise might stand in the way of receiving the best care for their condition,” he added. “We’re helping Canadians fight the biggest battle of their lives.”

CriticalADVANTAGE covers the serious conditions that Canadians are most concerned about: life-threatening cancer, coronary artery bypass surgery, heart valve replacement, aortic surgery, multiple sclerosis, kidney failure, major organ transplant, motor neuron disease (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease), Parkinson’s disease and benign brain tumour. The focus of the program is early medical intervention, highly specialized treatment and recovery.

Unlike other critical illness products that are out of reach for most Canadians due to extremely high premiums, CriticalADVANTAGE is an affordable product that provides information, funds, choice and access to medical experts. While the premiums will range depending on the age, health and general insurability of each applicant, the average premium is approximately $45 per month for a 45 year old, non-smoking male who is generally healthy.

Combining Transamerica’s financial strength with Best Doctors’ knowledge and resources has created a new insurance option for Canadians offering the services, financial support and unbiased medical knowledge clients need to battle a serious illness. That takes unbiased medical knowledge, the world’s best doctors, and enough money to pay for all their needs.

“We are honoured to be working with Transamerica Life Canada, a committed insurer and industry leader,” said David Seligman, President and CEO of Best Doctors. “Together with Transamerica, we have developed a remarkable program that endorses our mission of connecting people to the best medical care.”

CriticalADVANTAGE is available through independent insurance and financial advisors across Canada.

About Transamerica Life Canada

Transamerica Life Canada is a market leader in the sale of individual life insurance and segregated funds. Through a national network of 18,000 independent advisors, Transamerica Life Canada helps over 175,000 Canadians meet their financial goals and preserve their wealth through innovative financial products and services. Transamerica Life Canada is a member of AEGON, a leading international financial services group, and is committed to caring for Canadians as an “imagine” company. Through the in the spirit of hope charitable giving program, Transamerica Life Canada dedicates 1 per cent of pre-tax earnings to charitable causes supporting health and wellness across Canada.

About Best Doctors(R)

Best Doctors is a world leader in connecting people with the best medical care. Using its renowned database of over 50,000 doctors recognized as the best by top specialists, Best Doctors provides rapid access to the best medical knowledge and peace of mind to thousands of people around the world faced with a serious illness. Best Doctors services are available worldwide serving more than 10 million lives in 30 countries.