MIB Deploys REST Technology for XML Web Service

(WESTWOOD, MA. October 17, 2002) � MIB Group, Inc. announced today the availability of a set of Web services that extend in-house IT business solutions to clients by providing software functionality directly via the Web versus a standalone application. Included are MIB’s Security Alert Entity Look-up Utility and Security Alert ID Look-up Utility, both research companions to MIB’s Security Alert Services (SAS) compliance solution for the USA PATRIOT Act (OFAC) and OSFI Canadian regulations. These Web services retrieve all available information on specific “denied parties” directly from the OFAC or OSFI Web sites, on a manual or fully integrated basis.

MIB Web services use an architectural style called REST (Representational State Transfer) that employs standard Internet technologies (XML, URI and HTTP) to provide quick, simple integration with a customers’ existing business systems. Accessing MIB’s Web services is easy, and users have the option of receiving formatted HTML or native XML. The Web services also ensures that users of MIB’s Security Alert Services compliance reports are seeing the most up-to-date information available from both OFAC and OSFI.

“We evaluated all available Web service architectural solutions and found that URI-centric REST is simple, elegant and based entirely on HTTP. Our customers will enjoy the ease of getting XML output from this service by using conventional URLs and by sending HTTP requests to the specified MIB Web address,” states Alex Klevitsky, MIB’s Enterprise Systems Architect.

“MIB Web services characterizes a company-wide effort towards a service-oriented architecture, providing a universal integration platform for MIB clientele. This is an important move forward in the next generation Internet delivering tighter business relationships and more efficient business processes,” says Robert L. DiAngelo, MIB’s Chief Information Officer.

Both Klevitsky and DiAngelo see Web services based on REST, along with its Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) counterpart, playing major roles as MIB continues to reengineer core business systems and deploy new functionality to clients.

About MIB Group, Inc.

MIB Group, Inc., headquartered in Westwood, Massachusetts, is the premier provider of Internet-based information and knowledge services to the global risk management market space, and is a leading facilitator of electronic insurance commerce via dedicated networks and Internet-based systems. MIB member companies underwrite more than 95 percent of the premium dollars of individual life insurance written in the United States and Canada. More information about MIB Group, Inc. is available at www.mib.com.