Helicopter leads Boomerang Tracking Inc. team to rare piece of equipment

Boomerang Tracking Inc. (TSX:BMG) successfully located a rare and extremely valuable piece of construction equipment as part of a recent tracking operation in Ontario.

The Boomerang Tracking Team was notified of the theft of a Caterpillar 416 from a construction site and immediately set out in search of the machine. With the aid of a helicopter to obtain a location more quickly, Boomerang trackers also located a Bowinger Eagle that had been reported stolen to authorities three months prior. The Bowinger, one of only two in Canada, with an approximate value of $800,000, had been stolen from a construction company in Brossard, Quebec.

�The Boomerang� tracking devices continue to demonstrate their added value in the fight against vehicle theft. Not only are they effective in recovering stolen assets equipped with the devices, but in many cases lead to the recovery of other stolen vehicles simultaneously that are not equipped with a Boomerang device.� stated Linda Farha, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Boomerang Tracking. �These incidentals have led to many arrests as well as the dismantling of major crime rings across Ontario and Quebec� concluded Ms. Farha.

To date, the Boomerang and Boomerang2� devices have recovered a value of over $93 million in stolen assets including incidental recoveries.

For more details on the Boomerang tracking devices, contact the Company�s customer service department at 1.877.777.8722 or visit www.boomerangtracking.com.

Boomerang Tracking Inc. assembles, markets and distributes the Boomerang Tracking System, a proprietary product using technology patented by the Company. The Boomerang Tracking System is the central device in a cellular-based asset tracking system utilizing the wireless systems of major regional telecommunications companies. The Boomerang Tracking System is capable of locating stolen automobiles, heavy equipment and valuable objects. The Company’s proven recovery record has received endorsement by members of the insurance industry. The Boomerang Tracking System is installed through a network of authorized dealers located throughout the provinces of Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. The Company’s head office, research and development, production and corporate installation facilities are located in Montreal, Quebec. Boomerang is a registered trademark of Boomerang Tracking Inc. The shares of Boomerang Tracking Inc. trade on The Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol BMG.