IVANS Executive Broadband Access Provides Secure Solution for �Anytime, Anywhere� Insurance Applications

New Program from IVANS Networking Geared to Mobile Executives

Old Greenwich, CT

In response to the growing needs of insurance executives for secure high-speed remote access capabilities, IVANS Networking, a division of IVANS Inc., has created a new Executive Broadband Access offering. Using IVANS service, executives can gain secure access into their companies� applications from home, hotels or other remote locations using any high speed connection. The service is simple to install on any desktop or laptop, and works with all cable modem and DSL services.

�For senior executives who frequently travel and work from home, accessing bandwidth- intensive applications through high-speed connections, rather than dial-up connections, is a tremendous productivity-boost,� says Clare DeNicola, Senior Vice President of Network Solutions. �IVANS service enables executives to take advantage of the high-speed connections available in most business hotels today, and use the broadband connections they may already have at home as if they are working in the office.�

IVANS Executive Broadband Access enables users to access IVANS secure network via any broadband connection through a VPN Gateway residing on the IVANS network. Executives gain broadband access by using the AT&T Global Network Client with their broadband connections to establish a secure tunnel to the Gateway. Once the user reaches the Gateway, only profiled users are granted access into the secure network.

“Our Executive Broadband Access provides insurance customers with a simple solution that adds to their existing network infrastructure,� adds DeNicola. �This service can also be valuable in the event of an emergency because it prepares the companies� senior executives to have high-speed, dedicated access to corporate information on the secure network from a remote location,� continues DeNicola.

IVANS Networking, a business unit of IVANS, works in partnership with AT&T Business Services (NYSE: T) to provide enterprise-wide data network solutions to insurance and healthcare organizations throughout the United States. More information on IVANS Networking Solutions can be found at www.ivansnetworking.com.