Effective immediately, Canadian Tire on the Danforth has become a participating Vendor of ReplacementFinder

August 13, 2002 — Canadian Tire carries a full selection of
parts, tires and batteries, automotive accessories and
car care, hardware tools, plumbing, electrical,
housewares, small appliances, electronics, personal care,
kitchenware, sporting goods-camping, fishing,
hockey, bikes, golf, exercize and winter and summer
sports, Lawn and garden furniture, tools, equipment and
supplies and BBQ’s, patio heaters and accessories, and
Christmas decorations. Through ReplacementFinder,
adjusters will now be able to obtain competitive prices
from this new source.

Finding replacements for insured products at competitive
prices is vital to an insurance company’s profits. With
ReplacementFinder, adjusters have the ability to
comparison shop among competing suppliers quickly and
efficiently. The ability to connect lots of people within
an industry is what the Internet does best. Suppliers,
insurance companies, and consumers all benefit from
reduced costs, wider choice, and speedier service.

To date, ReplacementFinder has provided over
$1,390,000.00 worth of quotations through a network of
738 (and growing) participating vendors.

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