Online Education Usage in Canada: e-marketer 17 July 2002

Ipsos-Reid recently found that 25.3% of Canadian internet users have searched online
for e-learning courses, and 7.5% have taken a class offered online.

According to a Q1 2002 online education study
from Ipsos-Reid, 25.3% of internet users in Canada have searched online for e-learning
courses, though only 7.5% have actually taken an online course. Additionally, Ipsos
determined that 23.8% have researched offline classes at traditional institutions online.
Ipsos surveyed 1,134 people and found that the higher the education level of the
respondent, the more likely he or she was to have gone online to research both on- and
offline courses. Only 4.6% of those with less than high school education have gone online
looking for traditional institution courses, whereas 23.1% of those with some
post-graduate education have looked for such courses and 29.7% of those with university
degrees have done so as well.

Interestingly, Ipsos determined that among men
and women, women favored the net more for researching classes online, whereas men favored
it more for actually taking online courses.

Perhaps the amount of people online with
higher education is the reason for the percentages determined by Ipsos. eMarketer’s North
America Online Report presents estimates from NFO CFgroup indicating that over one-half
(52%) of the adult internet user population in Canada, as of 2001, had more than a
secondary-graduate education.

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