Value-added program is a win-win situation for new car dealers and their customers.

MONTREAL, Quebec, July 2, 2002 – Boomerang Tracking Inc. (TSX: BMG) today announced that it has launched the Boomerang Elite Program, a value-added program designed specifically for new car dealers in Ontario and Quebec. The program offers a multitude of benefits to those customers who buy either the Boomerang� or Boomerang2� Tracking Systems through authorized new car dealers.

Said Linda Farha, Vice-President of Marketing and Communications: “The timing of the Elite Program launch couldn’t be better. Car theft, including carjackings and break-ins, has reached epidemic proportions. Every three minutes a car is stolen in Canada and recovery rates have substantially dropped. Consumers deserve the best protection against vehicle theft and Boomerang’s Tracking Systems are the most effective and cost-efficient solutions available today.”

The Boomerang Elite Program, a value-added anti-theft package, is customized to meet the needs of new car dealers and those of their customers. It was first tested over a 30-day period in the province of Ontario and received overwhelming support. As a result, the Company extended the program into the province of Quebec. Through the introduction of the Elite Program, dealerships will build broader-based customer relationships and, as a result, provide a platform for supplemental sources of revenue stream.

“The program is a win-win situation for new car dealers and their customers,” said Farha. “On one hand, dealerships are provided with new beneficial services to offer to their customers at the point of purchase and, on the other hand, this new program offers their customers rewards that are only available through authorized Boomerang Elite new car dealers.”

Highlights of the new Boomerang Elite Program include the following in the event that an Elite program member has their vehicle stolen:

  • A two year extension to the Company’s standard one year limited warranty
  • Incremental insurance and warranty coverage in the event of a theft, providing coverage for car rental, deductibles, loss of use and free towing (some conditions apply)
  • Payment of up to $2,000 in the form of a theft guarantee to the vehicle owner (towards the purchase of a replacement vehicle from the original dealership only)
  • Complete exterior wash and interior steam cleaning, including shampoo upon successful recovery and return of the stolen vehicle to its owner

(Please refer to the Boomerang Elite Program for applicable details and conditions)

To help new car dealers better promote and educate their customers on the Boomerang Elite Program, the Company will provide Boomerang, Boomerang2 and “Elite” displays, flyers, car toppers and incentive material – in addition to a complete training program for their sales staff. Only bonded certified Boomerang technicians are permitted to install Boomerang and Boomerang2 units, ensuring proper functionality and maximum protection.

Boomerang has led to the recovery of more than 1,700 vehicles and other valuable assets, representing a value of over $84 million. For more information on the Boomerang Elite Program or Boomerang’s products and services, visit the Company’s Web site at or contact customer service at 1.877.777.8722.

About Boomerang Tracking Inc.

Boomerang Tracking Inc. assembles, markets and distributes the Boomerang Tracking System, a proprietary product using technology patented by the Company. The Boomerang Tracking System is the central device in a cellular-based asset tracking system utilizing the wireless systems of major regional telecommunications companies. The Boomerang Tracking System is capable of locating stolen automobiles, heavy equipment and valuable objects. The Company’s proven recovery record has received endorsement by members of the insurance industry. The Boomerang Tracking System is installed through a network of authorized dealers located throughout the provinces of Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. The Company’s head office, research and development, production and corporate installation facilities are located in Montreal, Quebec. Boomerang is a registered trademark of Boomerang Tracking Inc. The shares of Boomerang Tracking Inc. trade on The Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol BMG.