Business as never before

I am always thankful to spring
and summer as a time for new beginnings. Business is no exception
– particularly this year.
Businesses have been shaken by September 11, by a lack of trust, and
an uncertainty that has
challenged decision-making,

What’s different now?

The speed of business has
slowed down somewhat to a brisk walk instead of a mad .com dash.
People are looking for back-up,
proof, references, testimonials � basically the B to B world is risk


We give up a little privacy in
order to thwart terrorists, and we�ve become more tech savvy as we
learn to block e-newsletters
and solicitations we didn�t request. And finally this is the age of
relationship, so formal and
informal networking is not only a great way to sell � but a great
way to
market (just ask the beer

DUO expounds the virtues of:

  1. being authentic in messaging
    and selling
  2. re-invent your business
    proposal to exhibit your beliefs and expertise
  3. be direct and forthright in
    all your communications
  4. understand what success is –
    before you embark on any endeavor
  5. make the customer king/queen
    � this applies to both new and existing customers.

If you have a valuable product
or service – we want to help you market.

Nora Camps
[email protected]

About Duo Strategy and Design?

Incorporated in 1987, Duo was
at once an anomaly. We were more than a design firm because we
offered marketing
communications consulting married with graphic design on the
fulfillment side –
clients likened us to a
‘pint-sized’ full-service agency. We built relationships based on
success and
trust. Over the years, we have
developed into an incubator-style strategy and design firm moving
seamlessly between strategic
marketing, new and existing brand development and new media.

DUO Strategy and Design Inc.
365 Evans Avenue, Suite 309
Toronto, ON M8Z 1K2 Canada
Email: [email protected]
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