ILOG JRules Incorporated Into DWL Customer To Manage Millions Of Customer Data Records
In Real Time

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. and ATLANTA – May 29, 2002 – ILOG®
(NASDAQ: ILOG; Euronext SICOVAM: 006673) and DWL Incorporated, the leader in Unified
Business Services software, today announced that ILOG JRules™ business rule management
software will help manage millions of customer data records for DWL Customer™, the
market-leading enterprise customer administration hub for the financial services industry.

Duplicate customer records can result in millions of
dollars in lost productivity for the insurance industry every year. DWL Customer will use
the award-winning ILOG JRules to drive real time event notifications as CRM and back
office transactions flow through in and out of the DWL Customer hub. It will also identify
duplicate customer data records originating from disparate systems and sources in real
time, facilitating their consolidation and presentation as a unified and maintainable
version of actual customer status – a capability that is a DWL hallmark. DWL Customer
unifies customer information from “siloed” businesses and systems into a
customer-centric hub that lets DWL customers manage information across the enterprise. ILOG
JRules will also let DWL clients control access to customer information, by enforcing privacy rules.

In addition to the ability to quickly validate customer
records, DWL needed a tool to centrally manage the large volume of customer data records,
transactions and associated business rules. Using ILOG JRules’ advanced business rule
management features, DWL customers like MetLife can easily manage more than 100 million customer records.

“Becoming customer focused is key to providing better
service and identifying new business opportunities,” said Tony Candito, chief
information officer for MetLife Individual Business. “We intend to use DWL Customer
to help us maintain a competitive advantage against other major financial institutions.”

“After evaluating several other vendors, we selected
ILOG JRules because of its high performance and ease of integration with our product
architecture, and because it was the only rules product we felt could manage the scale and
complexity of our customers’ applications. In addition, ILOG JRules’ new business rule
management features are without peer in the industry and provide an important tool for
managing business policy in dynamic industries like insurance,” said Simon Chong,
vice president marketing and strategic alliances, DWL.

Chong added that another key determinant in their selection
of ILOG JRules was the flexibility to customize their own “look and feel” as
customers are interacting with the rule editing and management features. “We also
liked the fact that with ILOG JRules, we could manage rules in real time without having to
bring the system off-line.”

ILOG’s history of product innovation has made ILOG JRules
the industry’s leading business rule management software. In addition to being the first
product of its kind to give business users the power to author business rules, and the
first business rule engine to integrate with XML, ILOG JRules is the first product of its
kind to bring comprehensive business rule management to enterprises, including a
user-driven rule repository and rule versioning capability. This means businesses in
fast-growing dynamic markets now have the tools to effectively and securely manage the
entire business rule process – from writing to testing through to deployment – putting the
power of business rules to use managing their important business processes.

The world’s leading financial services and insurance
providers, including Visa International, Providence Washington and First Union, among many
others, rely on ILOG’s enterprise-class software components to create competitive
advantage and business agility.

About DWL Inc.

DWL is the leader in Unified Business Services software.
DWL applications elevate customer, account and product functions from DWL is the leader in
Unified Business Servic front and back office silos to an enterprise-wide service layer.
This enables companies to unify, view and update customer information across all business
lines and systems in real time and give their consumers, partners, suppliers and employees

a single view of the enterprise. The result is consistent and real time delivery of
products and services, strengthened relationships with key business audiences and
increased return on companies’ back office, front office and CRM systems.

Founded in 1996, DWL has offices in Atlanta, New York,
Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Paris, S�o Paulo and Japan (reseller). DWL clients
include AXA, MetLife, Erie, Manulife Financial, CGU, Royal & SunAlliance a, among
others. DWL has a global strategic alliance with IBM and system integrator, platform,
complementary and wireless relationships with partners such as Accenture, Sun
Microsystems, BEA Systems and Palm Computing.

About ILOG

ILOG is the world’s leading supplier of C++ and Java
software components. ILOG’s embeddable optimization, visualization and business rules
software components dramatically shorten the development time of enterprise applications
in the supply chain, telecommunications, transportation and financial services industries.
In addition to optimization applications -where the company enjoys significant market
share- ILOG is playing an active role in the emergence of the e-business software
components market. ILOG is dually headquartered in Paris, France, and Mountain View, California.
Visit www.ilog.com for additional information.