Collaboration Proves Key To Success As Travelers Brings 100th Applied Agency Live On Transformation Station

Applied Systems, Inc. and Travelers Property Casualty are pleased to announce that Moody and
Associates, Inc. of Gaithersburg, Maryland has just been identified as the 100th Applied Systems insurance
agency to be brought live with Transformation Station for Travelers, marking a tremendous collaborative
milestone for Travelers, Applied Systems, and IVANS in bringing a single, real-time transaction solution
to the insurance industry.

“I was very surprised to find out that we were the 100th agency to adopt Transformation
Station,” stated Brenda Reed, Vice President and Underwriting and Operations Manager for Moody and Associates,
Inc. “However, I think I was more surprised to find out that there weren’t more agencies already on
Transformation Station. The integration is very simple and SEMCI works very smoothly.”

IVANS Transformation Station is a new industry communication infrastructure, offering
robust and cost effective communication and collaboration between all participants in the insurance transaction.
The basis of the new communication infrastructure is the Transformation Station data exchange, which combines
the knowledge and technologies of IVANS and Applied Systems to provide products and services for efficient
and cost effective end-to-end communication, collaboration and aggregation for agency, company and third
party transactions.

“Travelers is dedicated to providing technology solutions that enable independent agents
to streamline their agencies’ business processes, creating more time to focus on producing new business,”
said Larry Illion, president and chief executive officer of Travelers’ small commercial insurance division.
“We’re very pleased to work with Applied Systems to achieve such progress in implementing SEMCI
capabilities for agents.”

“We’re excited to bring the 100th Applied Systems agency into the world of real-time interface
using Transformation Station,” stated Wayne Pardue, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing,
Applied Systems. “The fact that Travelers and the first 100 Applied Systems agencies have been so dedicated
to help make this happen only solidifies the fact that Applied Systems and Travelers are truly committed to the
independent agency system and improving the way data is exchanged between carriers and agencies.”

About Applied Systems, Inc.

Applied Systems is a leading automation solutions provider for the property and casualty
insurance industry. Applied Systems offers a suite of products and services that meet the unique needs of
insurance agents, brokers, MGAs, banks and insurance companies in North America. Over 20% of the Property and
Casualty insurance written in North America is processed on software from Applied Systems.

Applied Systems is a privately held company headquartered in University Park, Illinois, with
remote offices in Minnesota, Iowa, Alabama and Toronto, Canada. Applied Systems employs over 1,000 insurance
automation specialists.

About Travelers Property Casualty

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