Recruiting Agencies – A Job Search Tool

By Michelle Straka, DGA Careers

Using a recruiter is somewhat different
than conducting your own job search because you are allowing another party to manage the
process. It can be difficult to leave your search in the hands of another, especially when
there may be days without a progress report. You may find it helpful to find a trusted
recruiter with whom you can develop a long-term plan to address your career aspirations.
There are certain protocols that make the search process much smoother for both you and your recruiter.

To optimize the benefits of using a recruiting agency, please keep the following points in mind:

  • Research the agencies that specialize in specific industries. This will give you a
    targeted and industry-specific job search.

  • Minimize the number of agencies to which you send your resume. This gives you more
    control as it allows a greater ability to monitor where your resume is being sent.

  • Be open and honest with the recruiter. Telling the whole story; which includes both the
    positive and negative aspects of your employment history; will help the recruiter determine the best way
    to proceed with your job search.

  • Provide solid references, preferably from your former managers. This is not always
    possible for a variety of reasons. However, identifying strong reference sources early on will help to
    make the process smoother and quicker.

  • Keep the recruiter informed of developments in your job search, including where your
    resume has already been sent. Many hiring managers dislike receiving the same resume from several
    different sources, which may be perceived as a lack of organization on your part.

  • It is also important to establish a timeframe within which you should
    “follow-up” with the recruiter.

  • After interviews, always follow up with the recruiter. Although it is professional courtesy
    to mail, not email, a brief thank you letter to the interviewer, it is generally not advisable to call.
    It is the responsibility of the recruiter to contact the potential employer and provide you with feedback
    on the interview.

Just as you would read a consumer report
before buying a car, you should shop around, and obtain referrals of employment agencies
from trusted friends and colleagues. By building a trusting relationship with your
recruiter, and formulating mutually agreed upon targets for the search, the speed and
efficiency of the recruiting process is greatly enhanced, resulting in success for all the parties involved.