National Life introduces the E-fficient Investor Portfolio Management Program

TORONTO, May 13 – National Life is taking the guesswork out
of investing with the launch of the E-fficient Investor Portfolio Management Program
(E-fficient Investor). This innovative new product helps investors determine their
long-term goals and risk tolerance to establish an asset allocation mix that protects
against the roller coaster ride of short-term market volatility and delivers long-term
results. The program is available for clients through MGA and broker business partners’
Web sites. National Life provides customized financial Web sites for business partners, a
new electronic initiative that was launched on May 6, 2002.

Developed in partnership with COGNICASE Inc., E-fficient
Investor is a powerful portfolio management tool designed to help investors focus on their
long-term financial goals while insulating themselves against short-term market
volatility. It is built around the Efficient Frontier, a curve that represents a set of
portfolios providing the highest expected return given a specific level of risk. Using a
database of over 4,000 funds and other investments in the Canadian market, advisors can
chart their clients’ current investments (the contents of their clients’ existing
portfolios), regardless of whether or not they are held with National Life.

“We introduced E-fficient Investor because we
recognize that by doubling our selection of funds with UltraFlex II, our newest retirement
and investment product, the need for an effective asset allocation strategy becomes even
more important,” says Brenda Moore, Director of Marketing, Retirement &
Investment Products. “E-fficient Investor is unique because it lets financial
advisors assess the efficiency of their clients’ current portfolio and recommend
portfolios that are more suitable for specific situations.”

Because it builds an optimized portfolio that includes a
well-diversified mix of funds, E-fficient Investor is the perfect complement to UltraFlex
II, which covers all major asset classes, geographic regions, industry sectors and
management styles. The difference between this and similar products is that the
methodology behind it is fully transparent, providing additional detail depending on the
needs and knowledge of each client.

Customized investment management through E-fficient Investor includes:

  • Personalized investment management

  • Custom designed investment portfolio

  • Balancing of return expectations with risk tolerance

  • Monitoring and automatic re-balancing of investments

E-fficient Investor is a valuable retirement and investment
program that helps steer clients on a more level course through whatever highs and lows
may happen in the economy. By concentrating fund options into categories based on risk
tolerance level, it becomes easier to choose the right funds, and clients can have more
confidence in their investment decisions. E-fficient Investor is a client’s first step
towards a more secure financial future.

A product demonstration is available at
. Click on the button “Test Drive the Demo Site.” Under
the heading Investments, select any of the five links provided.

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