Insurance Internet Innovation Award

Insurance & Technology Magazine, META Group and InSystems
Launch First Annual Award to Recognize Innovators in Insurance

Deadline for entries April 1, 2002. Applications at (click on Innovators Award home page).

January 2002 — Insurance companies that identify and implement innovative and successful
ways to exploit the benefits of the Internet–including enhanced customer service and
personalization, as well as streamlined processes and transactions–are going to gain
a competitive advantage. To showcase insurance industry online successes and to present
best practices from which all kinds of insurance companies can benefit, the Insurance
Internet Innovation award has been launched by Insurance & Technology, InSystems and META Group.

The Insurance Innovators Award recognizes insurance organizations that use Internet
technologies to improve business relationships. The new award is intended to recognize an
innovator (individual or group/team) who has acted as a change agent by advancing Internet
education, and/or the adoption of Internet technology, in an insurance company or
insurance industry association. Among the criteria for determining the winner, who will be
announced in June 2002, are the following:

  • Led the development of new products/processes around the Internet;

  • Led use of the Internet to improve relationships with
    customers, distribution channel partners and regulators;

  • Initiated use of the Internet to stimulate new business opportunities; and

  • Achieved cost reductions and productivity gains through
    Internet-based processes.

The deadline for applications will be April 1, 2002. For details on the award program, and
to obtain/request an application form, visit the InSystems Web site