ReplacementFinder Slashes Manual Research Fees March 5, 2002

Effective immediately, ReplacementFinder has slashed manual research fees from $9.00 to $3.99 per
item. According to Mark Kuper, creator, “We want to reach a critical mass whereby
almost, without exception, ReplacementFinder has vendors who can fulfill every need.

When ReplacementFinder does not have a vendor who can help,
ReplacementFinder offers manual research services which automatically begin within 2 days.
Whenever ReplacementFinder provides this research service, it creates an opportunity to
invite these new vendors to join the automated network, which benefits all parties.

The cost of automated responses remain unchanged starting from $2.00 per item.

Adjusters can adjust their research option to “Yes” or “No”
from the “Modify Your Profile” in the adjuster section of the Web site.

Finding replacements for insured products at competitive
prices is vital to an insurance company’s profits. With ReplacementFinder, adjusters have
the ability to comparison shop among competing suppliers quickly and efficiently. The
ability to connect lots of people within an industry is what the Internet does best. Suppliers,
insurance companies, and consumers all benefit from reduced costs, wider choice, and speedier service.

To date, ReplacementFinder has provided over $949,659.00
worth of quotations through a network of 694 (and growing) participating vendors.

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