EJB/J2EE based architecture allows for scalable application that fully leverages
information from carrier’s core business systems across business lines

New York, NY- January 24, 2002 – DWL Incorporated, a leader
in Unified Business Services software, today announced that it has released version 2.0 of
DWL Insurance for Property & Casualty Agent/Broker Application. The industry leading
application is the only one of its kind enabling self-service transactions for agents and
brokers on an EJB/J2EE-based architecture. The component-based architecture gives carriers
greater return on existing technology investments by leveraging all back office and front
office systems including home, auto, claims and business administration systems. This
reduces producer and customer administrative costs, increases agent/broker preference and
simplifies merger and acquisition of new business lines for the carrier.

Version 2.0 of DWL Insurance for P&C Agent/Broker
allows agents and brokers to complete self service business transactions including, first
notice of loss submission, address changes, policy renewal requests, quoting, and basic
account inquiry access through web and wireless across all lines of business in real time.

Version 2.0 integrates with DWL Customer, the only solution
designed specifically as an enterprise customer administration application, through which
all customer transactions from both front and back offices systems flow. By leveraging DWL
Customer, DWL Insurance for P&C Agent/Broker can provide unified business services
for enterprise customer administration, enabling the management of customer information,
the roles and relationships they have with organization, privacy, and interaction history
across the enterprise. This allows the organization to more effectively cross sell P&C
lines of business into others.

DWL Insurance for P&C Agent/Broker elevates carriers’
business processes from front and back office silos to an enterprise level. DWL adds a
Unified Business Services layer that sits over all systems and valuable business
functionality, making cross and up sell to existing policy holders more effective.

“DWL Insurance for P&C Agent/Broker allows
carriers to effectively create new business processes by integrating legacy systems and
focus on developing applications to suit the user experience rather than the processes
around product lines alone,” said Simon Chong, vice president, marketing and
strategic alliances. “This application delivers additional value to carriers by
enabling complex self service transactions for the P&C business using the preferred EJB/J2EE,
web-enabled technology that more leading financial services organizations are relying on.”

Pricing and Availability

DWL Insurance for P&C Agent/Broker is available today. Pricing varies according to
product configuration. For more information call 1 877 864 3946 in North America or visit

About DWL

DWL is a leader in Unified Business Services software. DWL applications elevate customer,
account and product functions from front and back office silos to an enterprise-wide
service layer. This enables companies to unify, view and update customer information
across all business lines and systems in real time and give their consumers, partners,
suppliers and employees a single view of the enterprise. The result is consistent and real
time delivery of products and services, strengthened relationships with key business
audiences and increased return on companies’ back office, front office and CRM systems.

Founded in 1996, DWL has offices in New York, Toronto,
London, Paris and S�o Paulo. DWL clients include AXA, MetLife, Erie, Manulife, CGU, The
Body Shop, Royal & SunAlliance and Cara Foods, among others. DWL has system integrator
and platform relationships with IBM, Accenture, Sun Microsystems, BEA Systems and Palm Computing.

DWL Incorporated information, including contact details, is
available at www.dwl.com