The Co-operators General Insurance Company offers auto clients anti-theft discount

Please note: The discount and auto device referred to in
this news release is currently available only in the province of Ontario.

GUELPH, ON, Jan. 22 /CNW/ – The Co-operators General
Insurance Company announced today that they have partnered with Speedy Auto and Window
Glass, to offer Co-operators Ontario auto clients a significant discount on the cost and
installation of the Autowatch 329 Ti anti-theft Immobilizer. Back in December The
Co-operators began offering a 15 per cent premium discount to all Ontario auto clients who
installed an after market anti-theft device approved by the Vehicle Information Centre of
Canada (VICC), a component of Insurance Bureau of Canada.

The Co-operators was one of the first private insurers to
support anti- theft devices through the VICC – founded in 1989 by Canada’s automobile
insurance industry to research and analyze vehicle-related activities including theft
deterrence. The Insurance Bureau of Canada estimates total costs related to auto theft at
about one billion dollars per year, which adds an average of $48 to each and every
client’s auto insurance premium.

“We are pleased to extend this offer to our auto
clients as we continue to take a proactive approach to auto theft,” says Rob Martin,
Director of Marketing at The Co-operators. “We chose the Autowatch 329 Ti Immobilizer
because of its performance and ease of use. Thirty seconds after you turn off your vehicle
the Autowatch 329 Ti automatically immobilizes three critical circuits: the starter,
ignition and fuel supply. To re-start the vehicle the driver uses a unique coded key to
re-activate the circuits. No one can start the vehicle without the special key or code.”

“We partnered with Speedy because of their large
network of outlets across Ontario and the fact that each outlet has a VICC trained
technician. It makes it easy and convenient for our clients,” says Mr. Martin.

In exchange for this marketing opportunity Speedy reduced
the price of the Autowatch 329 Ti anti-theft device by over $100. “For our clients it
is a win-win situation. They get a reduced auto premium, the services of Speedy’s trained
technicians and an anti-theft device that is recognized in over 30 countries around the
world. Not to mention the peace of mind knowing their vehicle is secure.”

The Co-operators is a group of wholly Canadian-owned
companies that specialize in insurance and financial products, property development, and
management and investment counselling. The Co-operators group of companies provides
insurance protection to more than two million Canadians and have assets of over $4.7 billion.