DWL Announces the Next Release of DWL Insurance™ for Group Life and Health

New York, NY- January 29, 2002 – DWL Inc., the leading
provider of Unified Business Services software, today announced the next version of DWL
Insurance™ for Group Life and Health. DWL Insurance for Group L&H is designed
specifically to allow group life and health insurers to enable self service transactions
for employer administrators and plan members. It is the only application of its kind that
enables Unified Business Services for customer account administration across multiple back
office systems to present a single view of the enterprise to members, employers, agents and brokers.

With DWL Insurance for Group L&H, employer
administrators, plan members, agents and brokers, customer service representatives and
third party administrators can complete self-service transactions directly with multiple
back-office and CRM systems through a single composite application. Some of the
industries’ leading group life and health insurers have chosen this product. Atlantic Blue
Cross Care, DWL’s most recent customer, selected DWL Insurance for Group L&H Plan
Member following their purchase of DWL Customer™ and DWL Unifi™.

“We looked closely at the market offerings for an
application specifically developed to support business processing for group lines. We
turned to DWL, a vendor whose applications were already proven for us and decided their
expertise and product scalability was exactly what we required,” said Lorne Blanche,
CIO, Atlantic Blue Cross Care. ” We expect DWL Insurance for Group L&H Plan Member will
deliver superior end-to-end self service capabilities for Atlantic Blue Cross Care’s group members.”

The application also offers the unique benefit of being
able to integrate with DWL Customer™, the only solution designed specifically as an
enterprise customer administration application, through which all customer transactions
from both front and back offices systems flow. By leveraging DWL Customer™, DWL
Insurance for Group L&H can provide unified business services for enterprise customer
administration, enabling the management of plan member information, the roles and
relationships they have with organization, privacy, and interaction history across the enterprise.
This allows the organization to more effectively cross sell group lines of business into others.

Using pre-built, industry standard J2EE (EJB) and
web-services enabled XML components, DWL Insurance for Group L&H elevates carriers’
business processes from front and back office silos to an enterprise level. This allows
companies to capitalize on their existing technology by adding a Unified Business Services
layer that sits over all systems to add functionality across the enterprise. By enabling
self-service transactions directly with their existing systems, insurers increase customer
and agent and broker preference, cut service and administrative costs and protect and
extend their existing investment in back-office technology.

“The functionality in DWL Insurance for Group L&H
surpasses what can be found on the market today, particularly in terms of its plan member
self-service. What sets this product apart is the maturity of the underlying application,
DWL Unifi, the fourth version of the J2EE/ EJB-based platform for enabling full-update
transaction processing,” said Simon Chong, vice president, marketing and strategic
alliances. “This gives organizations a stable and robust environment upon which to
scale self-servicing capabilities for brokers and administrators across the enterprise and
complete more complex transactions.”

Rich in business functionality, DWL Insurance for Group L&H gives agents and brokers
full point-of-sale & service capability via web & wireless and enables:

  • employer administrators to submit claims directly to back
    office systems, to view aggregated reports, to manage plan members, view benefit and
    payment information, and claims information;

  • members to view benefit and claims information and status,
    manage their own contact information, submit life event changes, and enroll on-line via
    web & wireless in real-time and;

  • agents and brokers to submit policy applications, track
    commissions and view benefit summaries and customer portfolios online and in real-time.

“A key differentiator for Group Life and Health
Insurance companies will be their ability to provide complete end-to-end business
processes to their channel and their employers. Leading solutions should intelligently
leverage an organization’s core business systems to create and drive new tangible business
value to these audiences through business process integration,” said Chuck Johnston,
vice president, Insurance Information Strategies, META Group.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing varies according to product configuration. For more information on pricing and
availability call 1 877 864 3946 in North America or visit

About DWL Inc.

DWL is the leader in Unified Business Services software. DWL applications elevate
customer, account and product functions from front and back office silos to an
enterprise-wide service layer. This enables companies to unify, view and update customer
information across all business lines and systems in real time and give their consumers,
partners, suppliers and employees a single view of the enterprise. The result is
consistent and real time delivery of products and services, strengthened relationships
with key business audiences and increased return on companies’ back office, front office and CRM systems.

Founded in 1996, DWL has offices in Atlanta, New York,
Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Paris and S�o Paulo. DWL clients include AXA,
MetLife, Erie, Manulife, CGU, The Body Shop, Royal & SunAlliance and Cara Foods, among
others. DWL has a global strategic alliance with IBM and system integrator, platform,
complementary and wireless relationships with partners such as Accenture, Sun
Microsystems, BEA Systems and Palm Computing.