Two claims scenarios show value of electronic processing

by Sharon Cunningham
in American Agent & Broker
January 2002 issue

(excerpts reprinted with permission.)

Consider two scenarios, both of which describe
the different paths that agency staffs follow when they receive and process an insurance
claim from one of their clients. A broker’s claims representative gets a call from a
client. One scenario uses some technology in places; the second has a more integrated work
and customer management system to support the Staff and their customers. Using electronic
files also improves customer service. Because the claims rep does not have to leave his
desk to find files, make photocopies and fax documents, he can take more customer calls.
With information at his fingertips, he doesn’t have to call clients and carriers
repeatedly. If someone else needs to work at his desk, that person can find documentation
and follow-up and assure clients that transactions will be taken care of. Today’s
consumers want immediate service, are accustomed to completing transactions over the phone
and expect processors to have information on hand to answer their questions. Agency staff
working with a complete, fully functioning database can provide immediate service to their
customers. Implementing electronic processing takes time and effort. Improved customer
service, better retention of business and additional sales make it worth the effort.

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Sharon Cunningham is president of Business
Management Group, a management consulting firm based in Hartford, Conn. BMG provides a
variety of services, including electronic file implementation and emergency preparedness
planning. She can be reached at (800) 772-0208 or at
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