43r.ca extends savings from Car Cost Canada data and processes to Insurance Industry auto purchases under 43r waiver of depreciation

Mississauga ON, January 9, 2002 – CCC Internet Solutions Inc, parent company
of CarCostCanada.com announces the availability of 43r.ca. Named for the Waiver of
depreciation / 43r endorsement, 43r.ca will generate savings for auto insurance companies
in their claims costs for new auto replacements.

Using the buying power of their 15,000+ paid members and the
knowledge of virtually all confidential new car manufacturer cash incentive programs, we
are able to ensure consistently low acquisition prices for our Insurance company members.

The information and processes developed at CarCostCanada.com over
several years to save new car buyers significant dollars on their purchases is now being
delivered to the insurance industry to help manage loss costs.

Waiver of depreciation / 43r endorsement

Under the terms of the Waiver of depreciation / 43r endorsement, the
insurance company will pay the lowest of the following amounts (less the deductible):

The actual purchase price of the automobile and its equipment;

The manufacturer’s suggested list price on the automobile and its equipment
on the original date of purchase;

The cost of replacing the automobile with a new automobile of the same make
and model, similarly equipped.

Most adjusters settle using the first option.

43r.ca will lower claims costs by using option number 3 and using the leverage of knowing
the true dealer cost price, all current cash incentive programs and minimizing the dealer mark-up.

We guarantee that the average claim savings will be at least $1,000 per claim

Double Guarantee:

43r.ca will guarantee that any Insurance adjuster
using our service will save an average of at least $1,000 per claim, based on a sample of
at least ten claims. Claim savings based on the difference between the total original cost
of the vehicle to the insured, including all taxes and the net settlement using 43r.ca.

If your insured’s dealership will not sell them a
vehicle for our price, we’ll find a dealer who will or we’ll find the lowest
priced dealer and cut a check for the difference. Subject to availability. We cannot
guarantee that the exact vehicle will be available at our price in inventory. Dealer-trade
or factory order may be necessary or we’ll make every reasonable effort to locate a
similarly equipped vehicle that can be delivered at our price within a few weeks, subject
to adjustments for equipment content.

More Information:

For more information, visit
or call us in Mississauga ON at 1-800-805-2270.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How will I be able to measure the potential savings of using your service?

A- You can register with our service for free to evaluate the savings for yourself. Take
out three of your most recent settlements handled using your current method. Process those
same three using our system. The results will speak for themselves. From the 43r.ca
homepage at www.43r.ca follow the link from “get a Free iQuote”.

Q- Do you supply the vehicle to the insured?

A- We can. In many cases, upon presentation by your insured, of our settlement summary,
many dealers will honor our price. If not, simply call us and we will find a dealer that will, guaranteed.

Q- How can you get new cars at such low prices?

A- Our parent company, CCC Internet Solutions Inc, also owns www.carcostcanada.com.
Using the buying power of their 15,000+ paid members and the knowledge of virtually all
confidential new car manufacturer cash incentive programs, we are able to ensure
consistently low acquisition prices for our Insurance company members.

Q- How do I know that your numbers are correct?

A- We gather new car pricing data ourselves, not from a third party, to ensure that it is
correct. We cross reference it and guarantee that it is correct.

Q- How much does it cost to be member of 43r.ca?

A- We charge a flat fee of $200 per report, billed at the end of each month.

Q- What does the $200 fee include?

A- Our flat fee per report includes everything. No set-up fees, no software costs, no
hardware costs, no training costs, no support costs. We will meet in your office to train
your personnel at no cost to you and we will supply all support and retraining as is necessary.

Q- How long does training take?

A- Twenty to thirty minutes is plenty. The system is very simple.

Q- We have offices across Canada. How can you train them?

A- The system is so simple; we can train them by phone.

Q- Do we need any special software or hardware?

A- No, our system requires no additional hardware or software.

Q- How long does it take to process a report?

A- If your people have access to the Internet, they can generate the report themselves in
less than two minutes.

Q- Do we need Internet access?

A- Not necessarily. If your people don’t have easy access to the Internet, simply have
them fax the request to our office. We will generate the report and fax it back within 1 business day.