Seven Steps to a Successful Mobile Deployment

How to Increase the Profitability of Your Workforce in the Field

This newly published paper is an introduction for
enterprises — particularly insurance companies with significant inspection or claims
business — considering implementing a mobile workforce solution that generates ROI.

While mobile workforce solutions that use software and
mobile computing devices (such as laptops, handheld computers, PDAs, or mobile phones) are
seen as innovative and full of potential, implementing such a solution is often unfamiliar
territory for organizations. This paper explains what a mobile workforce solution is, how
it can help you and your organization, and how to implement one successfully.

Discussed, are the critical seven steps you should take to be successful:

  1. Identifying Your Organization’s Strategic Goals

  2. Understanding Your Current Processes and Environment

  3. Identifying the Value in a Mobile Workforce Solution

  4. Allocating Resources and Build Your Team

  5. Designing the Solution: Software, Mobile Devices, Servers,
    Wireless and Wired Connectivity, Human Factors

  6. Successfully Deploying Your Solution

  7. Measuring Success; Growing and Expanding the Solution

The paper is based on River Run Software’s methodology and
incorporates the company’s more than a decade of experience in the mobile computing field.
It is a must-read for organizations with mobile workforces or such organizations already
in the process of investigating a software solution for their needs.

The white paper, in pdf format, can be downloaded without charge after one registers at the
River Run Web site at