In her report to the Canadian
Association of Special Investigations Units, Sue Collings of Royal & Sun Alliance
stated that Collision Reporting Centres are a very useful tool in their ability to
fight Accident Benefit related insurance fraud.
The report covered the findings of a
July 2001 meeting involving Accident Support Services International Ltd., CASIU
representatives , and Staff Sergeant Gord Jones of the Toronto Police Service, and addressed several
issues broached at a previous CASIU meeting concerning the Collision Reporting Centres.

Also representing CASIU at the meeting was Ken Laliberte of Liberty Mutual.

Together, Ken and Sue were pleased with the innovative
measures that were being taken to assist the insurance industry by Accident Support
Services, and they were very optimistic about the future possibilities. Sue stated that
“By early access to collision reports and photographs of each vehicle, the insurance
industry should be able to detect suspicious accidents earlier on and shut down the fraud
before any payments are made”.

In closing, Sue recommended that the members of CASIU look
at the possibilities the CRC’s have to offer, and prepare to expand on training
within their own companies to best utilize these early intervention opportunities the
CRC’s provide – especially when on-line report access becomes available.