Statistics prove that implementing Collision Reporting Centres have vastly
impacted the cost of towing and storing a vehicle.

Before Collision Reporting Centre’s were put into
operation, in 1994 the average tow bill in Toronto was $150.97. Statistics taken for the 6
months previous to the June 2001 User Group Meeting show the industry average tow bill at
$127.37 , a reduction of $28.23 . The 1994 average industry payout for towing and storage
was $343.48. The latest statistics show the average industry payout at $155.60 if
a vehicle is towed and left at a CRC
– a savings of $187.88 per vehicle!

With the continued support of the Insurance Industry,
Police, and City of Toronto Municipal Licensing & Standards Division, Accident Support
Services looks forward to seeing the average industry payout plummet further.