Web Conferencing in the Asset Management industry report from kasina

Asset management companies are increasingly using Web conferencing tools both internally
and externally. Web conferencing can be broadly defined as the ability to hold a meeting where participants
can listen by phone and simultaneously see visuals through their Web browser. The meeting organizer can
control what points. In its more advanced incarnations, a meeting organizer can show Web pages to the
participants, draw on a digital whiteboard to illustrate a point, and use any piece of software, such as
Word or Excel, so that all participants can see the software in action. Meeting organizers can even allow
participants to add comments and drawings to a presentation or hand off conference control to another
participant entirely. While not as good as being there in person, companies can have an effective meeting
where everyone hears and sees the same thing at the same time – without the hassle and expense of travel.
These tools provide a wealth of opportunities for asset management firms.

This five page report can be viewed at
www.kasina.com/webc in html and pdf formats.