Wealth Management and Insurance
Performance Management Data Warehouse

PerformaScope™ creates a breakthrough in monitoring
the performance of insurance and wealth management organizations through a data warehouse
solution offering based on proven business and technology templates and supported by human
knowledge capital. PerformaScope™ focuses on 11 key areas of management including:
Sales and Distribution, Product, Customer Relationship, Business Growth, Process and
Productivity, Supply Chain…

PerformaScope™ presents information using intuitive,
easy to master views, starting with top line aggregates through full drill down to the
details. It transforms your business’s operational data into critical management
information by mapping and relating operational events to key performance measures. Under
the covers, it combines sophisticated transformation technology, with cost effective and
proven off-the-shelf software to reduce initial as well as on-going software licensing
costs. It exploits non-proprietary technology that already exists in your organizations
including today’s web, at a fraction of the cost charged by other vendors. It also
has a dramatic impact on ‘time to solution’.

Performascope™ is based on industry data structure
templates detailed in the Vista™ Wealth Management and Insurance model. Vista™
is a knowledge framework for planning, design, development and implementation of wealth
management and insurance processes, and technology, covering the full breadth of the
business managed in an enterprise.

In summary, Performascope™ is a low entry cost data
warehouse solution with low complexity, providing speed to results by using
non-proprietary proven and scalable technology. Performascope™ minimizes the learning
curve by using technology already found in most organization’s infrastructure.

Performascope ™ is brought to you by a strategic alliance between NewLink Group and ThinkNet.

ThinkNet is a technology solution development company with a core competency in
business intelligence and database management. ThinkNet’s extensive experience in
database includes MS-SQL, Oracle, Sybase, DB2 as well as an in-depth knowledge of
analytical reporting such as OLAP, DSS and EIS. Over the years, ThinkNet has developed
expertise in data warehouse, development of turnkey solutions, integration with existing
operations and web development.

NewLink Group is a management consulting firm, focused on the Wealth Management
and Insurance industry. NewLink specializes in business and information technology
architectures, business engineering, IT solutions, management of change and
implementation. Our consultants are senior professionals with
extensive business management, consulting, and information technology experience in the
Wealth Management and Insurance industry. We bring best practices in business process,
information, and technology management.

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