ACORD Partners With CLIEDIS to Manage Canadian Life Insurance Standards


Insurers Adoption of XML Standards

Pearl River, NY – 01/11/2001

The Canadian Life Insurance Electronic Data Interchange Standards Association (CLIEDIS) has
joined ACORD to act as the Regional Management Association for Canada for ACORD’s life insurance standards,
announced Gregory A. Maciag, the organization’s president and chief executive
officer. Founded in 1995 as a not-for-profit association by a group of Canadian life
insurance companies, CLIEDIS co-ordinates Canadian interests in the development of public
electronic data interchange (EDI) standards.

“As the global marketplace becomes a reality, the need
for standards that cross borders increases in importance. We are very pleased to have
CLIEDIS helping to define the needs of the life insurance community in Canada. Its
management will help ensure that ACORD XML standards development will successfully serve
business on both sides of the border,” said Maciag.

Effective this month, CLIEDIS will be establishing
processes so that its members have the opportunity to review the ACORD life insurance
standards to ensure they meet their requirements. In addition, CLIEDIS will be looking at
educational opportunities for XML and ACORD standards for its members.

“There is a great momentum in the marketplace to move
to XML in general and ACORD XML standards specifically. CLIEDIS believes that this new
partnership with ACORD will accelerate the implementation of EDI and related standards,
based on the ACORD model, and be a benefit to all in the Canadian life insurance
industry,” said Earl Trotter, CLIEDIS co-chair.

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