CMX Platform Finds the Truth in Data from Disparate Operational Systems, Ensuring
Information Reliability and Readiness for Strategic Enterprise Initiatives

Orlando, FL GARTNER SYMPOSIUM – Wednesday,
October 10, 2001 –
Delos Technology Inc. (
, the leading
provider of Information Reliability software, today launched its flagship product
the Delos CMX platform, at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo — the IT industry’s largest
strategic executive conference, offering business leaders a look at “The Future of IT
– Today”. The CMX platform – which consolidates data from disparate systems by
dynamically assessing the trustworthiness of enterprise information — delivers on the
promise of data reliability by enabling companies to build a consistent and accurate
Enterprise Information Base that can be accessed and updated by any application.

Enterprise data is the foundation for many key initiatives
across the organization such as Customer Relationship Management, Legacy Integration,
Supply Chain Management, Business Intelligence, and Business Process Automation. With data
residing in multiple operational systems (CRM, ERP, Legacy Mainframe), companies are often
faced with overlapping and conflicting data. For example, the same customer or supplier
has several conflicting names and addresses or a single product has inconsistent part
names and numbers. Companies are putting their investments in jeopardy – wasting
precious time, resources and capital on initiatives impacted by incorrect data.

The CMX platform is founded upon three key functions –
consolidation, management and exchange. CMX consolidates descriptive
data from disparate sources using advanced matching and adaptive rules that dynamically
determine the trustworthiness of enterprise data. It then manages information through a
powerful set of tools that facilitate the ongoing process of ensuring enterprise data
reliability. Process-driven wizards contribute to the platform’s ease of use. In
addition, CMX provides for the exchange of information via a reliable, bi-directional Enterprise
Information Base
that any authorized application can access or update through an XML
API – creating an ongoing source of accurate enterprise data

“Delos designed CMX to provide CIOs with a solution
that creates a living, breathing information reliability platform,” says Martin Dunn,
CEO of Delos. “Companies have lost confidence in the quality or reliability of their
enterprise information. CRM and real-time applications, among others, are failing or
suffering because they lack a solid information base to deliver the most trustworthy data.
Built from the ground up, the CMX platform delivers a code-free solution that is quickly
deployable, cost effective and low risk. Our goal is to empower companies with a solution
that ensures performance of strategic enterprise initiatives that satisfy ROI requirements
– and with CMX, we do that.”

CMX is currently deployed in a number of pilot sites with
Fortune 100 companies, including Guinness UDV, Parmalat and Sanlam Financial Group –
an EMEA multi billion-dollar life insurance company. “CMX consolidates our data and
reconnects us to the enterprise,” said John Visser, Vice President of Sales and
Marketing for Sanlam Financial Group. “During the last ten years, we have launched
several strategic initiatives that rely on data accuracy and consistency. With CMX, we
have the ability to realize the vision of CRM and other applications because we have a
strong information foundation to build on.”

To learn more about the CMX platform, visit Delos at the
Emerging Technology Pavilion, Booth #6529 at the Gartner IT Symposium and Expo.

About Delos Technology

Delos Technology Inc., (
) a leading provider of Information Reliability software, enables
companies to build a consistent and accurate Enterprise Information Base that can be accessed and
updated by any application. Delos has pioneered the CMX Platform that leverages
sophisticated rules to dynamically assess the trustworthiness of data from disparate
operational systems to uncover the best-known truth in enterprise data. Founded in 1997,
Delos Technology is a privately held company headquartered in Toronto, Canada with offices
in London, Cape Town, Chicago and New York.

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