BELAIRdirect now offers unique flexibility for pre-existing medical conditions

A novelty in travel insurance: a true customized offering

Montreal, QC (Oct. 9, 2001) – BELAIRdirect has diversified its coverage for travel insurance with respect to pre-existing medical conditions and now provides more possibilities as to periods of stability. BELAIRdirect is now providing access to various plans according to travellers’ age, medical condition and duration of trip, thus enabling them to purchase a truly customized policy adapted to their situation and needs.

After having launched its travel insurance in 1999 and then offered its annual multi-trip insurance online in November 2000, BELAIRdirect is now focusing its efforts on rendering its line of travel insurance products more flexible than ever. Most travellers with pre-existing medical conditions will now find a policy that is suited to their needs. The required medical stability periods vary from 0 to 12 months according to age and the nature of the pre-existing medical condition.

In addition, BELAIRdirect is offering very competitive rates on its multi-trip annual insurance which includes all of the following: multilingual medical assistance 24 hours per day and 7 days per week; coverage of all medical expenses (hospitalisation and medication) that are not reimbursed by the provincial plan, by group insurance or Gold credit card insurance; direct payment to hospitals; emergency air evacuation; return of vehicle and transportation of a family member.


More than ever, it is important for travellers to get the best insurance coverage before leaving on a trip. For this purpose, BELAIRdirect has developed an efficient tool for would-be travellers, that contains a list of the most frequently asked questions to its call centre staff and that have proven most useful when shopping for travel insurance:

  • What are the key determinants in establishing my premium for travel insurance?

  • Do I have anything to pay for if I make a claim during my
    trip? What does this amount cover exactly?

  • How much advance notice before departure is required when calling for travel insurance?

  • Am I eligible for a family rate?

  • At what age will my premium increase?

  • Does the insurance company provide comprehensive coverage (medical, cancellation, baggage)

  • Will the insurance company pay the hospital directly if I’m
    hospitalized during my vacations?

  • Must I send a doctor’s letter to the insurance company?

  • Will the insurance company pay for prescription drugs?

  • If I’m pregnant and there are complications, will the insurer pay for any out-of-pockets?

  • If I’m hospitalized during my trip, will you pay for a
    relative to come to my bedside?

  • Should I pass away, will the insurance company pay to repatriate my remains?

  • What is the maximum amount of coverage?

  • If I’m having a good time and decide to extend my stay, can
    my coverage also be extended till my actual date of return?

  • If I have a credit card that provides travel insurance for a
    set number of days, will the insurance company insure me for those extra vacation days not
    covered by the credit card?

  • If I choose an annual policy that covers me for trips of up
    to 5 days and that I later leave for 3 months, is it possible to adjust the policy accordingly?

  • Is there a deductible to be paid?


BELAIRdirect is active in the automobile, home, life and travel insurance fields. The company is the official direct insurer of CAA-Quebec and is a member of ING Group, one of the world’s largest integrated financial services providers. BELAIRdirect’s Web site can be accessed at the following address: