kasina on Institutional Asset Management Web Sites: “Getting Warmer”

Latest study notes bright spots, but sites still have room to improve.

New York City, September 21, 2001 – Institutional asset management Web sites have continued to improve in many areas, according to kasina, LLC�s , “Institutional Web Sites: Trends and Best Practices,” whitepaper which has just been published. This research was conducted as a follow-up to the consulting firm�s initial study of the institutional market in 2001. In addition to industry trends, the study also identifies the “Top 10 Web Sites – Institutional Asset Management.”

“While all Top 10 sites provide clients with access to account balances online, only 42% of the industry provides investors with this functionality,” said Steven Miyao, chief executive officer of kasina. On the other hand, Web site content has improved, with all of the “Top 10” sites and 96 percent of the industry now providing basic company information. The number of firms providing portfolio managers’ biographies has increased from 29 percent of the industry in 2001 to 63 percent today.

“Institutional asset management firms that lead the industry with their e-business initiatives have begun to dedicate more resources to their relationship managers than in years past,” said Miyao. “e-Business managers now view relationship managers as an integral part of the Web team.”

Seven of 2001�s “Top 10” sites have returned for highest honors again this year, and 12 of this year�s finalists were also finalists in 2001. The “Top 10 Web Sites � Institutional Asset Management” are from the following companies, in alphabetical order: Barclays Global Investors, Citigroup Asset Management, Fidelity Management Trust Company, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, JPMorgan Fleming Asset Management, Merrill Lynch Investment Managers, Putnam Investments, Russell Investment Group, State Street Global Advisors, and the Vanguard Group.

The findings are based on five evaluation categories: branding, content, online services, usability, and Web technology. In addition to evaluating 75 institutional client Web sites, the research also included a survey of e-business managers and interviews with institutional investors. kasina’s Top 3 sites in each category are:

  • Top 3 Branding Sites: 1. Fidelity Management Trust Company, 2. Independence Investors, 3. Russell Investment Group
  • Top 3 Content Sites: 1.Goldman Sachs Asset Management, 2. Fidelity Management Trust Company, 3. GE Asset Management
  • Top 3 Online Services Sites: 1. The Vanguard Group, 2. Calvert, 3. Goldman Sachs Asset Management
  • Top 3 Usability Sites: 1. FTI Institutional, 2. Banc One Investment Advisors, 3. TD Asset Management.
  • Top 3 Web Technology Sites: 1. State Street Global Advisors, 2. The Vanguard Group, 3. Morgan Stanley.

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