Riskebiz Internet Services Inc. Develops Insurance e-Marketplace using new Internet Technology UDDI

Vancouver, BC – July 24, 2001 – Riskebiz Internet Services Inc. announced today
that it has established an e-marketplace utilizing UDDI for the insurance industry. UDDI is a set of
XML protocols and an infrastructure for the description and discovery of business
processes. As a registrar, Riskebiz will provide a target-rich environment for finding
insurance related Web Services. The Riskebiz e-marketplace will be the logical place for
insurers, brokers, adjusters and all other companies in the insurance industry to find
services relevant to their particular line of business, licensing or geographical location.

Insurance e-commerce across the Internet has been hindered by the inability of insurers
and agents/brokers to (cost) effectively make their computers and software talk to one
another. Riskebiz’s UDDI initiative will improve the ability of web based insurance
software to connect to other software thus profoundly increasing the efficiency of
integrating web based applications and business processes. As insurance e-commerce
evolves, it is essential that businesses are able to quickly, easily and dynamically find and transact
with one another using any type of application. For more information on Riskebiz’s UDDI initiative,
please visit www.riskebiz.com/uddi.html.

About Riskebiz Internet Services Inc.

Riskebiz provides products and services that enable companies in the insurance industry
to engage in dynamic commerce across the Internet. Our solutions are based on XML
standards, thus eliminating technical barriers-to-entry. XML is the foundation for a whole
new way of exchanging information across the Internet. It makes online transactions
efficient and inexpensive compared to traditional systems. Riskebiz also makes extensive
use of the following technologies in its business solutions: SOAP, UDDI, WAP, WML, XHTML,
XML, XSLT. More information about Riskebiz can be obtained at

About UDDI

The UDDI Community is comprised of more than 300 business and technology leaders
working together to enable companies to quickly, easily, and dynamically find, and
transact with one another. As a cornerstone of the emerging Web services architecture,
UDDI will benefit businesses of all sizes by creating an open platform-independent
specification. As a part of the UDDI project, a global business registry has been
established to allow businesses to publish and discover Web services. More information
about the UDDI project can be obtained at


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