Allianz Canada Encourages Customers to Fight Auto Theft

TORONTO, July 20, 2001 – Allianz Canada has launched a program to encourage its customers to help
fight auto theft in Ontario. The program includes a special purchase offer for the
Autowatch 329Ti vehicle immobilizer, and a 20% discount on Comprehensive auto premiums for
any policyholder who has installed this or another vehicle immobilizer that has received
approval from the Vehicle Information Centre of Canada (VICC). Allianz Canada is the first
private insurance company to promote a VICC-recognized after-market anti-theft device.

Under the special offer, customers of Allianz Insurance Company of Canada and
Trafalgar Insurance Company of Canada can have the Autowatch 329Ti installed in their
vehicles for $229 plus tax, at any Speedy Auto & Window Glass facility. Allianz’s
automobile policyholders can then save an estimated $40 per year on their insurance
premiums. “The actual savings will vary, but most owners of newer model cars could
save about $40 per year by installing this device,” says Roger Long, Allianz’s Vice
President of Personal Insurance.

Auto Theft Statistics:

  • In 1999, 161,405 vehicles were stolen in Canada

  • Approximately 50% of thefts occur in Ontario

  • 40% of stolen cars are never recovered

  • Auto theft costs society approximately $1 billion annually. This
    estimate includes the cost of

    • Repairing and replacing stolen vehicles
    • Policing
    • Health care
    • Court systems
  • 3-point vehicle immobilizers are capable of reducing drive-away auto
    theft by up to 70%, by disabling 3 critical vehicle systems

The Vehicle Information Centre of Canada (VICC) has developed a rigorous set of
standards for vehicle immobilizers, as part of their Approved Theft Deterrent Program. The
Autowatch 329Ti has been approved under this program. By immobilizing the starter,
ignition and fuel supply systems, the Autowatch 329Ti makes it too difficult for thieves
to “hot-wire” a vehicle. The device arms automatically when the vehicle is
turned off, and remains active until a specially encoded key is touched to the receptacle
in the dashboard.

The Allianz Group operates in over 70 countries, and manages assets in excess of 700
billion euros (Cdn $988 billion), with gross premium income of about 68.5 billion euros
(Cdn $97 billion). Allianz employs over 119,000 people worldwide. The Canadian operation
ranks in the top 10 of the Canadian property and casualty market, with over $709 million
in written premiums and total assets of over $1.5 billion. All figures as of 12/00.

For more information, please contact:
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