IBC makes submission to Ontario for a Standard Invoice for health care claims in the Ontario auto insurance system

From the cover letter to Dina Palozzi by Mark Yakabuski:

“I am pleased to submit for your review IBC’s complete proposal for the
implementation of a paper-based Standard Invoice for health care claims in the auto insurance system.

We are confident that our proposal meets the needs of FSCO, health care providers and the
industry. Over the past several months, a great deal of work has gone into completing the
design, begun almost five years ago, of a common billing system for all health care
providers who treat injured accident victims. These efforts have been supported by a
growing realization by all stakeholders that the current lack of data on health
expenditures in the auto insurance sector is unacceptable, especially in light of the over
$1 billion now being spent annually on auto insurance health claims in Ontario.

Our current proposal is dedicated to the implementation of a paper-based Standard Invoice.
The industry has also taken steps to begin the process of developing an electronic system
that would expand the benefits achieved by all stakeholders through the Standard Invoice process.”

A tremendous amount of effort has been expended on this submission. The submission is
posted on the IBC Web site at www.ibc.ca.
On the English side of the site, select “Home and Auto Insurance”. Then, on the
new second layer of top tabs, select “Regions”, then Ontario. The resulting page
lists the following pdf documents, all concerning this claims submission:

  • Transmittal Letter

  • Submission

  • Proposed Regulations

  • Proposed Commissioner’s Guidelines

  • Chart of Expenses

  • Consent Form

  • AISI Form

  • AISI User Manual

  • Coding Pick Lists

  • Facility and Provider Registration System

  • Unique Identifier System