Property & Casualty Executives Predict Major Changes

DALLAS, Texas, June 20 — Property & Casualty insurance executives see
significant change on the horizon for their industry. They believe a torrent of new
products and ways of insuring risk will be developed, outsourcing will become more
prevalent as companies strive to be agile, and technology will be expected to deliver measurable results.

These are a few of the conclusions based on results from a survey of property &
casualty insurance executives. The executives, including CEOs, CFOs and COOs, were asked
to give their views on the future of the property & casualty industry. They were
specifically asked how property & casualty companies would address five key areas in
the future: industry structure, strategic alignment, partnering and reach, financial
attributes, and products and services. The survey, “A New Millennium View: The Future
of the P/C Industry,” was conducted by the Robert E. Nolan Company.

An article that summarizes the study’s findings and offers suggested paths for insurers
to follow in the future will appear in the July 2 edition of National Underwriter,
Property & Casualty Edition. The article will also appear on the National Underwriter
Web site at To receive complete survey results, go to the
Robert E. Nolan Company’s Web site at

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