InsurPOLL recently described to Subscribers

The 2001 edition of InsurPOLL, POLLARA’s annual telephone survey of Canadian insurance consumers,
has recently been released to subscribers. The study, which explores consumer preferences on issues ranging from
advertising recall and branding to distribution channels and price sensitivity, consists of half hour interviews
with 1,700 insurance buyers across Canada. A new area tested this year is “one stop shopping,” whether
Canadians want to buy more than just home and car insurance from insurance companies and brokers. One finding
indicates that consumers see little appeal in the idea. In fact, Canadians rate the appeal of buying financial
services such as mutual funds from an insurance company at only 3.8 on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is not at all
appealing and 10 is very appealing – – a very low score indeed.

For information on an InsurPOLL subscription, see, or contact Angela Marzolini,
POLLARA’s Vice Chairman, at (416) 921-0090; 1-888-POLLARA.