ReplacementFinder is Instrumental in Saving Substantial Claim Dollars

May 14, 2001

Mark Kuper, founder of ReplacementFinder, the online Replacement resource, announced
recent statistical information. In a random grouping of 100 items, where the insured had
provided a replacement value or where no replacement price was estimated, but multiple
values had been sourced through competitive participating vendors, ReplacementFinder was
able to provide an average savings (from the claimed value or least competitive price to
the most competitive price) of 64% per item.

“These numbers are substantial and make a tremendous
impact on the bottom line.”says Kuper. This random sampling includes industry items from electronics,
computers, jewelry, collectibles, china, furniture, musical instruments, art, and automotive.

To date, ReplacementFinder has provided over $586,000 worth
of quotations through a network of 765 (and growing) participating vendors. Vendors
provide prices online through a confidential bid process. Offering a request for quotation
to the market guarantees competitive replacement prices – every time.

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