The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company gives Brokers Browser-Based Policy Information with Solution from DWL Incorporated

NEW YORK, NY – April 17, 2001 – DWL Incorporated, a leading transactional e-solutions
company, today announced they are working with The Dominion of Canada General Insurance
Company on their first phase of a Web-enabled policy management system for their brokers.
Built on DWL Unifi™, a transactional e-enablement platform, the solution will
consolidate The Dominion’s current policy administration systems into a unified and intuitive application
that is accessible through a Web browser, which will dramatically increase usability.

The implementation of DWL Unifi will provide The Dominion of Canada’s more than 800 brokers
with a single point of entry for managing policies, resulting in improved customer service and broker relations.

“The primary goal of this initiative is to create ease of use for the brokers that
The Dominion of Canada conducts business with,” said Alan Hanks, Vice President,
Field Operations, The Dominion of Canada. “Brokers have been accessing our systems
and communicating with us in a number of ways. This project serves as an effective way to
upgrade the technology and create a ‘once-and-done’ environment for The Dominion of Canada
brokers to make policy and billing inquiries and policy and billing changes.”

In addition to refining and dramatically improving the effectiveness of its policy
management processes by bringing them online, DWL Unifi also enables The Dominion of
Canada to enhance the functionality of its existing transactional services for front
office users and service providers. It will allow them easy and secure access to Web
content, applications and information in a consistent framework providing a seamless,
customized, branded image to multiple audiences.

“It is very important for us to have a solution that brings us to market quickly and
provides a solution that addresses the brokers’ workflow,” adds Hanks. “In
addition to DWL’s solution integrating well into our framework, the company also has established
credentials in the insurance industry – this was critical in our decision to implement Unifi.”

“For more than 100 years, The Dominion of Canada has been known for its high quality
service,” said Justin LaFayette, president and CEO, DWL. “The Dominion’s
Web-enabled policy management solution will eliminate much of the previous administration
duplication process and give brokers more time to spend on actual client issues and policy maintenance.”

About The Dominion of Canada

Since 1887, The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company continues to be an integral
part of Canadian history. As one of Canada’s oldest and most trusted insurers, The
Dominion of Canada prides itself on its financial stability, service and reliability in
responding to customers’ requirements. The Dominion of Canada is one of Canada’s largest
property and casualty insurance companies, committed to providing high quality home,
automobile and business insurance products and services.

The Dominion of Canada is a 100 percent Canadian company with insurance products sold
exclusively through independent insurance brokers across Canada. At the heart of its
success is a focus on the customer, demonstrated through professional independent advice,
fast and efficient service, flexible products and rapid, fair settlements. This approach
has earned The Dominion of Canada the trust and respect of customers across Canada.

About DWL Incorporated

DWL Incorporated is a leader in transactional CRM for major insurance, financial services
and consumer products companies throughout North America and Europe. The company’s
financial services client list includes, AmerUS, AXA, National Life Group, Royal &
SunAlliance Financial and Sun Life Financial, amongst others.

DWL has also aligned with leading technology and consulting partners to increase its
services and vertical scope. Founded in 1996, DWL Incorporated is a privately owned,
venture capital and institutionally funded corporation headquartered in Toronto. The
company has offices in New York, London, Paris and Sao Paulo. For more information about
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DWL Incorporated
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