Provides Customers with a More Personal, Productive Online Experience

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., April 9
Employers Reinsurance Corporation (ERC), a GE company (NYSE: GE), announced today that it
has launched two enhancements to its property & casualty website,
ERC’s casualty facultative customers now can receive reinsurance renewal certificates
completely online and can customize the site through MyDashboard™, a feature that
enables customers to personalize the website to meet their specific business needs.
Customer feedback and requests helped better empower customers with data and speed.

“Our customers wanted improved cycle time for quoting and binding risk. We responded
by taking a process that previously took up to five days and cut the response time to as
little as five minutes. We have provided our customers with 24-hour access to their
contracts, eliminating the costs associated with storing paper copies,” said Robert
Reader, ERC’s Property & Casualty America’s e-Business Leader. “The process is so
much more efficient,” Mr. Reader added, “because once a contract is bound on, coverage is confirmed in a completely digital format, from start to finish.”
The original version of required underwriters to complete the delivery
of the reinsurance contract and mail the signed paper copy to the customer’s office.

By completely integrating and ERC’s legacy underwriting and processing
systems, the need for mailing the contract is eliminated and customers are provided with
an electronic copy of the reinsurance renewal certificate in minutes. The certificate is
stored online indefinitely, allowing ERC customers the option either to view their
contract electronically or to print a paper copy.

To further meet the needs of its customers, ERC has also equipped with
MyDashboard™, a customization feature that allows customers to more efficiently review
and manage their reinsurance business online. MyDashboard™ gives users the ability to
tailor the website to meet their individual business needs, providing a more personal,
productive online experience. Through the use of the MyDashboard™ productivity tools,
real-time data and metrics are generated to deliver individual customer account
information at the click of the mouse.

“MyDashboard™ helps empower customers with policy-specific information, providing
an easy-to-understand gauge of their reinsurance account, including claims processed and
policies renewed. It is completely interactive and truly an outstanding tool,” said
Bret Evans, ERC e-Business Global Design Manager.

One of the key customer choice features is the Customize Page that
allows users to expand the breadth and depth of information received. Customers can now
personalize 98% of the site content displayed. This enhancement helps to ensure that users
receive only the most useful data and information. Another key element is the Alerts
section on MyDashboard™. This tool facilitates continuous Communication between ERC and
the customer, providing timely account updates and information, such as expired contracts
and those nearing the renewal stage.