Top 20 Web sites Property and Casualty Insurance

kasina Identifies Best Web Implementations from P & C Insurers

NEW YORK CITY, March 28, 2001 – kasina announced the release of its
“Top 20 Web sites – Property and Casualty Insurance” study today. The report is based on the
detailed evaluations of 284 Web sites from U.S.-based property and casualty insurance companies. The
report highlights industry trends, as well as the top implementations.

This study continues kasina’s “Top 20 Web sites” series, which features the
acclaimed “Top 20 Web sites – Mutual Funds” report. kasina’s “Top 20 Web
Sites” methodology has been developed specifically for evaluating the Web sites of
financial services companies. The criteria used for the site evaluations are divided
into five evaluation categories: Branding, Content, Online Services, Usability, and Web Technology.

“The property and casualty marketplace is only now beginning to understand the
opportunities that the Internet presents,” says Steven Miyao, kasina’s CEO.
“While our findings show that some companies have embraced a new online model, most
organizations are still lacking a coherent e-business strategy. The next eighteen months
will prove critical to the success or failure of insurers’ online initiatives.”

Major sections of the report include a discussion of the current state of the industry,
recommended Web site strategies for property and casualty insurers, and descriptions of
each of the top Web sites, including the key features and reasons to use.


According to research by kasina, the online property and casualty marketplace is still in
its early stages. Only 284 of the over 1,000 property and casualty organizations in the
U.S. have a Web site. Of these, the majority are “brochure-ware.” Only 22% of
sites allow customers to receive a policy quote online.

Lee Kowarski, a kasina Consultant, adds “Less than ten percent of property and
casualty insurers are currently offering a Web site that provides users with the ability
to do online what they can do offline.”

kasina’s study found that the Web sites from property and casualty insurers are missing
some key features:

  • Only 18% of sites allow users to submit claims online

  • Less than 5% of sites use multimedia tools such as audio or video Webcasts

The full report is now available for purchase on kasina’s Web site. For more details, or
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Top 20 Web sites – Property and Casualty Insurance

  1. AIG Insurance Company

  2. Allstate Insurance Company

  3. Amica Mutual Insurance Company

  4. California Casualty / A+ Auto & Home Insurance Plus

  5. Electric Insurance Company

  6. Esurance, Inc.

  7. GE Financial Network

  8. GEICO Direct

  9. The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.

  10. Infinity Insurance Company

  11. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

  12. MetLife

  13. Nationwide Insurance Companies

  14. Old Guard Group, Inc.

  15. Progressive Insurance

  16. The Prudential Insurance Company of America

  17. SAFECO Corporation

  18. State Farm Insurance

  19. Travelers Insurance

  20. 21st Century Insurance Group

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